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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Fullhouse Signature Menu

With such a cute looking menu, you know that the decor of the restaurant is going to look cutesy as well! But, what about the food? 

8 Days Eat - App Users Get-together Session

Fullhouse Signature Decor

Evilbean @ 8 Days Eat

I was invited by 8 Days Eat for their get-together session to this restaurant. Before Evilbean goes on to talk about how bad the food was, let me just introduce the 8 Days Eat app to all my fellow foodies!

8 Days Eat app is like an Instagram app for the foodies. Not only that, the team at 8 Days Eat is constantly scouting for good food and posting editorial reviews on them almost on a daily basis. You literally NEVER have to worry about running out of ideas on what to eat unless the team explode due to full die. 

App link:
Facebook page:

Gogo download it and follow me @talkingevilbean! I'll be posting most of my food photos in that app, whereas for my Instagram I will just pick a few to post. So if you like food porn, DOWNLOAD 8 DAYS EAT APP and FOLLOW me @talkingevilbean!

Okay. Now back to the food at Fullhouse Signature.

Crunchy Cheese Sticks ($11)

Crunchy Cheese Sticks

Crunchy Cheese Sticks

This is actually their best food out of the 3 that I had. I like the pretty looking plate that held those cheese sticks as it makes the whole thing very appetising. It looks like a MEGA version of the soup spoon.

Soup Spoon

It's almost like if your mouth is THAT BIG, you can just put the whole spoonful of cheese sticks into your mouth. But no one's mouth is this big right......... is there? OMG IS THERE PEOPLE WITH MOUTH THAT CAN FIT THAT WHOLE THING? If you can, please @evilbean your photo on my Instagram OKAY. I would love to make friends with you.

The cheese inside this cheesesticks is like those pizza-topping-kinda-cheese. Like this:

Pizza Cheese Topping

So it's more of the pizza-cheese rather than that kind of smooth, flowing kind of cheese that oozes out of that crunchy exterior. But it was still not bad when eaten immediately. This gets 3evilbeans from me.

Golden Crab Meatballs with Cream Cheese ($11)

Golden Crab Meatballs with Cream Cheese

I am a fan of meatballs. Ask my coursemates and they will tell you I am the ambassador of meatballs in NUS. I ALWAYS BUY AND PROMOTE the meatballs in my school to all my friends. So when I see that 8 Days Eat ordered this for us, I JUST HAD TO EAT IT. Meatball turns me on. *winks.

And then I was turned off immediately after I bite into it. It's like eating bits of paper - the crabmeat was so dry and tasteless! The cream cheese dip did not enhance the flavour at all. I teared a little for the meatballs that died such a bland-life.

Organic Beef Tenderloin with Portobello Mushroom Sauce ($49)

Organic Beef Tenderloin with Portobello Mushroom Sauce

I was so glad that it was 8 Days Eat that paid for the lunch. Why? Firstly, the mashed potato that came with this was so awful. It was like powdered mashed potato. You could actually call it Mashed Powder, because there was no potato taste at all. 

When I first took a taste of the beef with the sauce, it was very rich in flavour. So I thought: "Wow, at least the beef is not bad!" And then, when I took the second mouth, I grimaced. DID THEY DROWN THE COW IN DEAD SEA? The sauce was SUPER SALTY, like dead-sea salty. And Dead Sea, as we all know, has so much salt in it that you can float on it. The beef also got really dry towards the middle. I couldn't finish this at all. If I had to pay $49 for this, my heart would definitely bleed for a few days. 

Restaurant Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


Based on the 3 dishes I tried, Fullhouse Signature gets 2.5evilbeans from me as a whole. This is like the power of the rainbow cake (#rainbowpower) manifested into a restaurant - LOOK PRETTY, TASTE BAD. I will give this a second chance by going back for their desserts one day. Hopefully they don't disappoint.

Evilbean's last words/recommendation:
- A restaurant that is prettily decorated. Waiters/Waitresses are dressed very nicely and every corner of the restaurant is perfect for photos.
- However, this restaurant is like a rainbow cake - look pretty, taste bad. Read my blog post here about #rainbowpower.

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  1. I totally agree with you that the taste of the food served barely makes the mark. However it is undeniable that the place looks quirky and cute with all that décor. If given a choice, I would have opted to visit a theme park over this restaurant *LOL*

    Do check out my review of this restaurant @ :)


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