Entertainer App 2018: Review and Offers!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Entertainer App 2018 Promo

Before you read on any further, just keep this in mind: you can enjoy an EARLY BIRD PRICE AT JUST $95 if you purchase the Entertainer app bundle before 30/11/2017.

That's a few days from now. My suggestion? Buy NOW before you read on: www.theentertainerme.com/home/singapore

Go on, make the purchase.Trust me, with 3 apps bundled into this package, you would not have an ounce of regret buying this. 

Have the app installed on your mobile phone already? Good, let me proceed to tell you more the benefits of the apps you have just purchased.

1. Entertainer App 2018

Entertainer App 2018 Singapore

Congratulations for trusting the Evilbean, because you have just unlocked OVER $176,000 in savings from over 1,700 offers for restaurants, bars, attractions, leisure activities, hotels, spas, salons, gyms, fitness studios, retail, everyday services and much more!

Jamie Italian restaurant Singapore

That Jamie Italian restaurant that you have been eyeing to go? 1-FOR-1 DEALS UNLOCKED.

Amber Beila Singapore

That spa you have always wanted to indulge together with your significant other? 1-FOR-1 MASSAGE UNLOCKED.

The Entertainer App is like the ultimate discount app for the intelligent Singaporeans. You can potentially save up to $170K if you love to dine out, love getting spa treatments, and are always on the prowl for new and interesting activities to fill up your free time. The offers included in the Entertainer app are so expansive, I am willing to bet my entire fortune that you would not be able to scroll to the end of the list within 30 seconds.

This year, besides the Entertainer App, you are also getting another 2 AWESOME apps ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Free leh! The bang for your bucks is absolutely insane.

2. Cheers App 2018

Cheers App 2018 Singapore

If you have got this app, you are OFFICIALLY MY FRIEND. As a self-professed alcoholic, this app is LIT, because you get to enjoy 2-FOR-1 drinks at over 130 bars, restaurants and nightspots in Singapore. 

The Single Cask - Singapore Bar

As long as you are a "happy drunk", this app will be the catalyst for lots of good memories with your best mates.

3. Bali App 2018

Bali App 2018 Singapore

Included FREE with this 2018 Entertainer App bundle, the Bali App 2018 includes hundreds of Buy One Get One Free offers for the best restaurants, spas, beach clubs, bars and cafes across the island. 

cocoon-beach-club Bali

Top brands include Cocoon, Nude Canggu, Pison Coffee, Creamery Bar and more. This app will instantly elevate your status to MVP in front of your friends when you travel to Bali together with them.

Imagine the amount of money that you can save from hotels, restaurants and spas with the Bali app. Besides your travelling companions, I am pretty sure your wallet would also be very grateful that you have the Bali 2018 App.

Less than $100 for a year of savings and MVP status... You would be silly not to buy. Purchase the apps NOW: www.theentertainerme.com/home/singapore

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