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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I just love drizzling honey over my lover and licking it off:

Pancakes Honey

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(I’m talking about pancakes, what were YOU thinking??) Honey is sweet, delectable goodness that I cannot get enough of. So imagine my happiness when Capilano invited me down to try their new range of honey! 

Capilano Honey Review

Capilano Honey Review

You might be thinking, “Honey is honey. What’s the difference between the honey from Company X and honey from Company Y, asides from their branding?” 

I thought the same thing – until I was thoroughly educated about honey production and honey types by the professionals at Capilano. 

Capilano Honey Review - Singapore Influencer Evilbean

As it turns out, not all honey is made the same. Something about different pollinator bees carrying different enzymes and different plant types leading to a range of honey varieties. Different types of honey offer different health benefits to the consumer. 

The average consumer is typically unaware of fake honey (honey mixed with sugar) or pasteurized honey (honey that has been heated in its production process and thus ripped of its usual health benefits) found on supermarket shelves in abundance. You think you are consuming a better form of sweetener, as the health blogs often espouse. But in reality, you are paying more money for a something that is no better than processed, refined sugar! 

Capilano, a well-known Australian favourite, does no such thing. They only offer 100% pure Australian honey that retain health benefits and delicious flavor.

Their most recent offering? Capilano Beeotic. You can trust Capilano, for its new range of prebiotic honey is clinically tested and proven to improve good-to-bad bacteria ratio in your gut and boost your digestive health! 

You may have heard of the term “probiotics”. While probiotics are live bacteria found in yoghurt, dairy, and supplements that introduce good bacteria to the gut, prebiotics feed the good bacteria. Taken together both pro- and pre-biotics encourage a healthy gut! 

TL;DR: If you have digestive health issues, take prebiotic honey. Even if you don’t have digestive health issues, go for a type of sweetener that has benefits for your health. 

So the next time you drink coffee, eat pancakes, bake muffins and find yourself needing sweetener? Don’t settle for processed sugar but sweeten the deal with 100% natural prebiotic honey that will help your health as well. 

Capilano Honey Review - Singapore

Pardon me, I have some pancakes to tackle now.

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