[Food Review] Arteastiq - NEW High Tea Set Served in Bird Cage!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Arteastiq - NEW High Tea Set

"Don't play with your food!" That would be what our grandparents would say to us back in the days. 

Imagine their horror if they know what we are doing with our food these days (think Instagram):

Instagram before eating funny gif

At Arteastiq, they try not to make our grandparents angry. By having a painting studio in their cafes, we get to unleash all our creativity on a piece of canvas instead of food.

But really, we still could not resist taking photos of their NEW HIGH TEA SET!

[NEW!] High Tea Set ($48 for 2)

Arteastiq cafe - High Tea Set

Nothing else can make us feel more "tai-tai" than sipping tea and using 2 fingers to eat bite-sized food. Launched just recently on 14th March, the all new high-tea set is served in a two-tier "bird-cage" stand, with a savoury bottom tier and sweets on the top tier.

Savoury (Bottom):

- Vol Au Vent (Mushroom Capers Pate/Extra Virgin Olive Oil/Arugula Spears)

- Panini Morsi (Toasted Brioche/Pommery Mustard/Foie Gras)

- Smoked Salmon (Fried Shallots/Cream Cheese Mousse/Micro Salad)

- Viva Duck (Smoked Duck/Arugula Salad/Horseradish Mayo/Tortilla Wrap)

Sweets (Top):

- Matcha Cheesecake (Cookies Crumb/Matcha Mousse/Mixed Berries Coulis)

- Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (Caramelised Pineapple/Vanilla Cake/Maraschino Cherries)

- Chocolate Truffles (Valrhona Dark Chocolate Ganache/Chocolate Powder/Macadamia Nut)

- Salted Egg Macarons (Coffee Macarons Shell/Salted Egg Custard)

Arteastiq Cafe - High Tea Set

I loved the smoked salmon for the savoury tier, but my favourite still has got to be the sweets layer. The chocolate truffles were surprisingly delightful. The star, however, would be the SALTED EGG MACARONS. Oh they were so good! The macaron shells were the perfect balance of both crispy and chewy, and the salted egg filling hit all the right notes of sweet and savoury... CAN I HAVE A TIER FULL OF THESE?

The high tea set is available from 2:30 PM daily at $48 for 2 person. Each set comes with 2 specialty tea of your choice.

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One thing I really like about Arteastiq is how 'atas' (high-class) they make you feel. From the overall ambience to the name of the dish, everything is made to cater to your "tai-tai" fantasies. I mean, just look at this octopus salad that is named Atlantic Dance.

Atlantic Dance - Octopus Salad

Arteastiq cafe - Atlantic Dance Octopus Salad

Hearty yet light in palate, this dish consists of freshly sauteed octopus tossed with baby red radishes and mesclun salad, served with feta cheese and sweet potato chips. I shall not spoil the surprise for anyone here, but DO TRY out this Atlantic Dance. You would be pleasantly surprised by the secret ingredient they have added into this dish!

The Fawn and the Wilderness - Venison Sirloin

Arteastiq cafe - The Fawn and the Wilderness Venison Sirloin

Venison, or deer, is something of an acquired taste due to its noticeable "gamey" taste. In an attempt to retain a venison's signature taste, the seasoning are kept to the minimum with just salt and rosemary. We were not asked for the doneness for this dish, but it was served just the way I like it - medium rare/almost medium. 

The coriander salsa verde that was served along this dish had me smothering my meat in this - both of them went really well together.

Mermaid's Blush - Pan Seared Snapper

Arteastiq cafe - Mermaid's Blush (Pan Seared Snapper)

Red snapper paired with arugula and mushroom. This is obviously meant for people who are on a diet - just look at how healthy this looks!

Mount Etna's Peak

Arteastiq cafe - Mount Etna's Peak

I was really amazed by this creation. Not only did they make this to look like the Mount Etna in Italy:

Mount Etna in Italy

They also made it to feel, (or fill) like there is lava! The way to eat this volcano is to crack the crisps chocolate triangle with your spoon to unravel the chocolate mousse within! Pair it with the fruity and light yuzu gelato for an explosive finish!

Wait.. that sounded kinda wrong...

Moon Emoji Funny

Tip: Why queue? Do it like a "tai-tai" and make an online reservation for Arteastiq with Chope!

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Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery

Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery

 333A Orchard Road, #04-14/15, Mandarin Gallery, 
Singapore 238867
Nearest MRT Station: Somerset
Tel: +65 6235 8370
Opening Hours: 

Mon - Fri: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sat - Sun: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM


Thank you Chope for the invite and Arteastiq for hosting us!

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