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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Theatrical Dinner by ANDSOFORTH - The Karl Experience

"We are a pop-up restaurant, that brings art and dining together to secret locations."

Oooooh.. secrets..

If food alone can turn most people on, imagine what it would do to your body when you mix in mystique, futuristic elements and theatrics.

lip-bite gif
"Mmmm yeah.."

Catch a glimpse of what it is like to dine with theatrics:

Honestly, even after watching this, I still have no idea what to expect for their next theme called "The Karl Experience". And that is that intriguing part! 

What makes this dining experience even more mysterious? YOU WON'T EVEN KNOW THE LOCATION. I am serious. After prior online booking, diners are informed of a meeting location only ON THE DAY of the feast. Strategic clues will be scattered along the way and it is up to you to find the final venue.

This dining concept is obviously not for boring people. This is for people who love some adventures in their life. For couples to spice up their dates. For food lovers seeking another form of gastronomy experience.

ANDSOFORTH is only for the intrepid.

ANDSOFORTH - The Karl Experience

The Karl Experience

The Year 2070: In a dystopian future, humans have reaped the earth exhausting it of all natural resources. Fashion has become obsolete. Function and form is key to survival, masses have been forced underground, only the chosen live in the sky.

This excerpt is tingling all my senses: Dystopian ooooh. Chosen live in the sky OOOOOHHH.

Premiering on August 19th, the Karl Experience will run every Wednesday to Saturday throughout the month. Are you ready to immerse yourself with art and dining?

There is only EIGHT SESSIONS available. Chope yourself an adventure here:

For more information, visit and follow them on Facebook at

See you in this exciting dining experience soon!

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