Part Time Jobs for Students in Singapore - Where to find?

Friday, May 29, 2015

Part time jobs in Singapore

School holidays are our sole motivation when we are studying. We would plan our gaming days, "nua" days, chalets and of course getaways with friends and ensure that none of the precious holidays go to waste because we need to reward ourselves after all those hard work from mugging and the dreaded exams.

But, it is also the best time to earn some money. 
You would be able to enjoy the holidays better if you have some money in your pocket. Holidays wouldn't be as fun, and you will slowly start to feel that days are dragging on, if you are poor and have to stay at home for the entire holiday. BEING POOR IS NO FUN.

Money fly away gif

However, part time jobs for students are hard to find. Yes, there are tons of jobs listed on various job listing websites, but almost half of them would require you to have some sort of experience, or require you to commit for 3-6 months.

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Most of us would just google "Part time jobs Singapore" and hope that the search engine can find us the job that students can work in. Except that we are all too hopeful.

All we get is a huge lists of jobs that we have to filter ourselves, one by one. And if you are familiar with these job listing websites, you would know what I am talking about. Vague job descriptions, unknown companies and repeatedly copying+pasting your CV/Resume to thousands of email address, hoping that one would reply the next day you wake up. It's tedious, tiring and simply a waste of our precious holidays. Hi 5 if you totally know what I am saying.

Hi 5 Gif

If you are the aspiring kind, you would also be fretting when the holidays loom near: "How to pad up my resume? Which companies should I intern for?"

And the frantic googling of "internship Singapore" ensues, taking over a few nights while you sieve through hundreds of companies that you want to work for, look for their "Job Opportunities" page, and craft the perfect email and CV. It is even harder to find Singapore internship offers than part time jobs, because you would want to work for a company which you can learn and benefit from.

ALL THESE FRUSTRATIONS of finding a job/internship needs an outlet to vent on. For me, I used to bite off the heads of gummy bears. It is strangely therapeutic. 

Gummy bear without head

Well, this is a phase of life that everyone has to go through. Finding the right job and having a bunch of fun colleagues that make working time breeze by is a dream for many people. I hope you will be able to find that dream job, and release yourself from the nightmare of the question: "WHERE TO FIND PART TIME JOBS FOR STUDENTS?" soon. 

Until then, maybe you might wanna stock up on those gummy bears.

Gummy bear without head

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