Dim Sum Delivery - Let Yum Cha Express be your Party Host!

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Dim Sum Delivery - Yum Cha Express

Dim Sum is one of the best PARTY FOOD, because they are mostly bite-sized and thus, easy to eat. If you are looking to plan a party for: the upcoming Mothers' Day, Birthdays, Office events or even a mini-Zoukout in your house, Yum Cha Express would be your ideal food host.

Imagine: You are dressed to the nines as a host to a party. At the party, you head towards the food counter and grabbed some food on your plate. As you start digging in into your food, your mother-in-law/boss/client/crush/eye-candy walks up to you, only to catch you eating like this:

Eating gif

However, your eating style would be totally different with Yum Cha's Dim Sum as your food host. Almost every food item can be eaten with just a poke of your fork, saving you from greasy fingers and unglam eating.

There are over 70+ food and drink choices for you to choose from in their delivery menu, and out of all those choices, which was my FAVOURITE DIM SUM OF THEM ALL?

BBQ Pork Bun (蚝皇叉燒包)  

Yum Cha Express - BBQ Pork Bun 蚝皇叉燒包

YES! This BBQ pork bun had a soft and fluffy dough and the insides was filled with slick, sticky char siew that will whet up your appetite for even more dim sums. This char siew bao will go very well with a glass of cold, green tea... Oh the image of having a bun in one hand and a glass of green tea on the other is just... simple bliss.

To ensure that you get your Dim Sum just like they came right off the steamers, Yum Cha Express transports them in a specially customised bag with an internal heating element, and packs their food in microwavable paper boxes. Therefore, anytime you want your dim sum to be warmed up again, simply pop them into the microwave, wait for the "Ding!", and your food will be piping hot again! 

We really had a Dim Sum feast at the event. Just look at this mouth-watering photo! Don't you wanna grab a pair of chopsticks and pick out those Siew Mai and Prawn Dumplings to your imaginary plate?

Dim Sum Delivery - Yum Cha Express Singapore

Special Salted Egg Prawns (沙翠咸旦虾)

Yum Cha Express - Special Salted Egg Prawns 沙翠咸旦虾

The Evilbean is a prawn lover. When buffets see me coming, they hide their prawns away because they know I will clear them. But this was an event, so I only took one........... 

I regret taking only one, because not only was it delicious, I later realise that this is also one of their specialty in their restaurants. And the plating, if you order in their restaurant, is just gorgeous! Heart Eyes
Yum Cha Prawns Plating

Scallop & Broccoli in XO Sauce (XO 带子西兰花)
Yum Cha Express - Scallop & Broccoli in XO Sauce XO 带子西兰花

This is just so wonderfully taken there is no need to put into words how awesome this was. YES I AM SHAMELESS. But I proved my point, because I can see you trying to lick the XO sauce off the scallop. 

STOP IT that is just a photo.

Lick Screen Gif


Mango Pudding (香芒凍布丁)

Yum Cha Express - Mango Pudding 香芒凍布丁

Of course, what is a food party without desserts? Besides the Mango Pudding, they also have Herbal Jelly and Mango Pomelo Sago for their delivery menu. I would strongly suggest the Herbal Jelly if you are going to be partying the night away - the health and beauty benefits from Herbal Jelly is just too good to pass it up.

Besides the ala-carte items, Yum Cha Express also has Dim Sum Sets and Bento Sets for you to choose from, making it even easier for you to just order with lesser hassle, which in my opinion, is just genius! 

To stop you from licking your screen and to get you started on your Dim Sum party, Yum Cha Express has provided the Evilbean with a promotional code, specially for readers of Talkingevilbean!

Yum Cha Express Promotional Code

Do note that this promotion code is valid till 30 June 2015 only, so if you are intending to plan a party, do it real soon to utilise this offer!

Yum Cha is really keen to be the food host for your party. So keen that they are actually giving away a Dim Sum party worth a whopping $300 for one lucky winner! And it's so easy to enter!

Yum Cha Party Contest


1. Like their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/yumchasg

2. Share the contest photo that can be found on their Facebook page

3. Comment on the contest photo why you want to win a dim sum party by Yum Cha Express

4. Tag at least 5 friends. The more you tag, the higher chances of winning!

That's it! This contest will end on 10 May 2015, and it's sooo easy to enter, it would be a waste if you did not even try!

"Erm Evilbean, how to order from Yum Cha Express ar?" 

No worries, the ever awesome Evilbean is here to provide you a step-by-step guide! 

Step 1: Go to http://yumchaexpress.com.sg. Click the “ORDER NOW” button.

Yum Cha Express Ordering - Step 1

Step 2: Choose your dim sum or dishes (remember to order the BBQ Pork Bun and XO Scallops to your orders!) and click the “ADD” button to add to cart. Enter your postal code and click the red arrow to generate location. 

Yum Cha Express Ordering - Step 2

Step 3: Select your desired delivery date and time by clicking on “CHECK OTHER DATES”.

Yum Cha Express Ordering - Step 3

Step 4: Enter your personal details, delivery address, delivery time & time, number of pax, promotion code (it's YCV20, valid until 30 June 2015) and preferred form of payment. 

There are 2 payment modes - credit card (visa / mastercard) and cash. If you would like to pay by credit card, please state it in the remarks section. Otherwise, it'll be cash upon delivery.

Yum Cha Express Ordering - Step 4

Finally, click “SUBMIT ORDER”. Start preparing your music, games and entertainment and get ready for an interesting, first-of-its-kind, DIM SUM PARTYYYYYYY!

Licking Tongue Gif

OH GOD STOP DOING THAT, and just go and order from Yum Cha Express already!

Yum Cha Express - Food Delivery Singapore

Yum Cha Express

Online orders: www.yumchaexpress.com.sg
Tel: +65 6222 1717

Thank you The Influencer Network and Yum Cha for the invite!

Yum Cha Express Event - Group Photo

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