Movie Review - The Fault in Our Stars

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Fault In Our Stars Movie Poster

I have never ever cried before in my life. Even when I was born, I did not cry no matter how many times the doctor slapped me (The doctor was later sacked for child abuse). But when I read The Fault In Our Stars, I wept like a baby, especially at the eulogy part.

This was why I was pretty excited about this movie adaptation: Will Evilbean cry again?

(Yes, the first paragraph of this post is a metaphor; I did not weep like a baby)

Movie Title - The Fault In Our Stars

 Romance + Cancer (A love story between two cancer-stricken people)

Synopsis: This is a love story about 2 people who are cancer patients. Their relationship is literally (un)dying love. Between chemotherapy, lots of medicine and oxygen tubes decorating their face, you get to see how Hazel and Gus falls in love with each other in their short but fulfilling life.

Magically, the synopsis is just as short. 

Fault In Our Stars Movie review
Stay back for: Stay back if you want to see all the girls with swollen eyes and tissues in their nose. It can be quite terrifying.

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


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  1. This is the most brilliant book ever. I love the story. I love John Green. I loved the ending. Everything. I was weeping in the end. If you want to buy a book, this is one of the best. Worth the money, time and a lot more. The book itself is a decent size and feels good in the hand.


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