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Friday, March 28, 2014

Divergent Movie Poster

I was really excited about Divergent. So much so that I booked the first screening available in Singapore. In fact, I was excited about Four's tattoos after reading it in the book, so I really wanted to see him naked. DON'T JUDGE.

Divergent Movie Still
 ♫ I see you looking at me, like I'm some kind of freak  

Movie Title - Divergent

 + (For this once, NO ANSWERS will be given for this picture charade. Guess the genre yourself muwahaha!)

Synopsis: This is a dystopian storyline, just like Hunger Games and Ender's Games, where the story is set in the far future. Just like Harry Potter, the society in Divergent is divided into 5 factions that each represent a different virtue and traits. If you did not read the book, you might be a little confused about the super chim (difficult) names that they used for each faction. Therefore, the super awesome Evilbean has included the picture below for you to get a rough idea of what each faction represents. 

The Five Factions in Divergent

According to the society, everyone has to choose a faction and remain in that faction for the rest of their lives (just like Harry Potter). At the age of 16, teenagers will have to go through an aptitude test which will examine their personality, and serves an indicator of what faction they should choose based on their most predominant characteristic. However, our main character, do not have one dominant aptitude and thus is labelled as a DIVERGENT. Apparently, being a Divergent is dangerous and if anyone knew, she would be killed.

So, will she be able to live with this secret and lead a happily-ever after life? You and I know the answer...


Review: The Evilbean felt that in this movie, the director failed to inject some sort of excitement into the storyline. The main character is supposed to be in some sort of danger because she is a divergent. However, for 2/3 of the movie, except for some bullying in her training school, Tris did not face any real danger. You know in some movies, you feel so excited that you stop eating the popcorns and your eyes are just glued to the screen. Then, when the movie is over you realise you haven't even touch the popcorns and you go like "WTS I PAID $6 for this popcorn to sit in this popcorn holder." In Divergent, you will munch all your popcorn away.

The only exciting part comes near the end, where they start to go to war with the other factions. The other part where I was looking forward to was the part where Four goes shirtless and reveals his tattoos to Tris. 

Divergen tattoo scene

The scene was shot beautifully but the events that led up to this were quite random and fragmented. In fact, for the whole movie, I felt that the script was made up of random pages of the book. The scriptwriter must have like randomly "OKAY page 1 to 5 for scene 1, hmmmm page 20-30 for scene 2.." The flow of the movie was really fragmented.

Like I have said before in my hunger games movie review, #amoviecanneverbeasgoodasthebook. You kind of have higher expectations for the movie when you have read the book. In this case, the movie falls really short of expectations. 

However, if you did not read the book, I think you will find the storyline pretty interesting and might intrigue you enough to go and buy the book to read. If you do, DON'T SPOIL OKAY, I haven't had time to read the second and third book yet. IF YOU SPOIL IT FOR ME, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. 

Stay back for: No need to stay back. Hurry to the toilet before it gets crowded! HURRY!

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):

(3) If you have read the book

  (4) If you did not read the book

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