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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

ShopBack and Redmart Coupon Codes

You know what cheers me up the most after I get back home after work?

Nope, not my family (SORRY MUM). Not my dog/cat.

It is seeing that parcel of that I ordered online delivered on my doorstep! 

Surpried Baby Gif
"Exactly how I look when I receive my parcels"

Yes, shopping online is very therapeutic. In fact, I seldom do my shopping outside anymore, and now with Redmart, I think there is no need for me to step out of my house forever. Seriously.

Redmart, one of the merchants in Shopback, is an online grocery shopping store that sells a myriad of fresh produces, beauty products and snacks. I was genuinely surprised by the amount of groceries that Redmart carries - the selections were so much more extensive than the minimart near my house!

As my snacks were running low, I decided to restock my food pile with Redmart. I was expecting the prices to be higher on the online site.

Redmart Snacks

One of the must-have snacks in my food cupboard is the classic Calbee Hot and Spicy potato chips. There is something about the seasoning flavour that makes it so addictive! And guess what? It's $1.50 on Redmart, which is the SAME PRICE I pay for a packet at mini marts! In fact, I have seen it sold for $1.60 to even $1.80 at some other places!

Besides this, they also have snacks that are less often seen, like this cute Gooda Gooda Choco Crunch from Korea!

Redmart Gooda Gooda Choco Crunch
I would totally pay $1.80 for that packaging alone, SO CUTE LA.

Of course, I try to include some healthier snacks in my snacks cupboard because you know, fat. This taro chips from Japan caught my eye:

Veganic Taro Chips Redmart
Vegan + Organic + 30% less fat = BUY. 

The selection of snacks alone was almost endless! If you are interested in browsing through the list, you can check it out here

I think I added about 15 snacks in my cart (bless my bulging tummy). From here, it is the usual steps of checking out. The interface is intuitive and simple; if you are familiar with online shopping, this step would not even faze you. Remember, you qualify for FREE DELIVERY if your grocery purchases hit $30! (If you grocery shop often, you would know that it is VERY EASY for us to rack up at least $50 each shopping trip)

So, when does Shopback come into play?

How Shopback works:

How Shopback and Redmart Works

It's actually very simple. When you shop at Redmart via Shopback, Shopback will give you a portion of your purchase back as Cashback! For Redmart, it is a 9% Cashback! Besides this cashback, there are also various promo and coupon codes at ShopBack which will earn us even more discounts. In fact, there's a coupon code right now that entitles me to a $10 off! (Get the latest RedMart promotions and cashback here)

Evilbean's Snack Restock #1 @Redmart:

Total Cost: $57.20

- Delivery Fee: FREE
- Cashback (9%): $5.10
- Coupon Code: $10

Total Savings: $15.10

I don't need to say "excuse me" at those tight aisles with my huge shopping trolley.

I don't need to lug all the items home. Those days of hanging heavy plastic bags on my arm, and having those ugly red marks when I finally reached home is over.

Most importantly, I am able to save a substantial amount of money on my grocery shopping.


Besides Redmart, Shopback also has various other merchants which can offer you Cashback when you shop via their platform. And one of which is GroupOn! YES! On top of the wonderful discounts you can get from GroupOn itself, you will be able to enjoy Cashbacks on top of that! Shocked Emoji

Why did I not know about Shopback earlier?!? 

9.9 Online Sale

99 online sale on Shopback

There will be a BIG sale happening on the 9/9/2015 on Shopback. Called the 99 Online Sale, there will be EXCLUSIVE SALES from 9 top online stores and Shopback promises that there will be BIGGER cashback for these 24 hours ONLY. 

99teaser Shopback Sales

Mark your calendar and save this link on your bookmark. You would not want to miss this sale!

I love ordering things online

Create an account at Shopback first. Browse through their merchants and their product offerings. Make the judgement yourself, because I am not kidding when I say you can potentially save SO MUCH MONEY by shopping via Shopback. Not to mention, the joy of receiving the present from me to me.

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