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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Entertainer app

If you Googled here just for The Entertainer app discount code, FINE. Here it is:
Go to this link and quote "talkingevilbean" to enjoy the Entertainer Singapore One Month Mobile product at only SGD 19. This discount quote will expire on October 31. +1, share and like this post to tell your friends okay?

Since I saved you the hassle of scrolling and locating the promo code, shouldn't you read on as a way to thank the Evilbean?    I will also tell you another place where you can utilise your newly purchased Entertainer app!

I was invited by the team at The Entertainer for a party at SAHA Signature Indian Restaurant & Terrace Bar along Duxton Hill. PARTY? I haven't clubbed for ages and I was a bit worried that my bones couldn't take the dancing later, so I warmed up and did about 30 push-ups and a minute of skipping before I headed out to the venue.

It was fairly easy to locate the place, as it is just a few shophouses down the famous Flor Pâtisserie.

"Hi, welcome to the cocktail party!"

OHHH. COCKTAIL party. Not clubbing/dance party. Okay. Phew.

The whole 22-seat bar was reserved for us, which was pretty awesome. It has a cozy feel to it with the dim lights, red curtains and alfresco round bar tables. 

SAHA Terrace Bar

The food here are masterfully created by award-winning chef Abhijit Saha, who was named Best Chef in India at the Indian Restaurant Congress & Awards 2013. The Indian food served here are creatively prepared specially for Singapore, using modern techniques and presented with international aesthetics. This pretty plating of their Lamb Roulade will shatter all your previous perception of Indian food:

Kakori Lamb Roulade

We were served an array of cocktails/mocktails and tapas when all of us were gathered in the bar. If you are wondering what is the difference between tapas, canapes and appetisers (like me), don't. I fell asleep reading about the difference between them. Just treat them all as FOOD.

To be honest, Indian food is never one of the type of food that crosses my mind when deciding on what to eat. However, I assure you, some of the tapas menu that Saha serve are really fascinating and will open up your mind about Indian food.

SAHA Signature Indian Restaurant & Terrace Bar Tapas Menu
"Tapas Menu at Saha Signature Indian Restaurant"

I tried to take pictures of the tapas, but my iPhone was not good enough to capture a good photo as the bar was dimly lit. Out of all the tapas that I have tried, there are two of them which I really liked. 

1, The first one was the Prawn Milagu Roast. The prawn is served in a shot-glass, fully-peeled (rejoice for lazy people!) and in it are crushed black pepper, onion, tomato and curry leaves. The way which I ate it, which was to put the prawn in your mouth first, and then drink up the remaining sauce shot-glass-style, was EXTREMELY SATISFYING. I had about 6-7 shots of prawn milagu roast (!!). The sweet tomato paired really nicely with the spices and the curry leaves.

2. The second one was the Baked Chicken Samosa Triangles. I was really surprised by this tapa. I expected it to be oily and loaded with Indian flavours, but it was not oily at all! Hearing the sound of your teeth sinking into the crispy layers of samosa was just delightful. For this one, you are supposed to dip your samosa in the chutney foam that comes with it, which adds to the flavour of the samosa that contains potato, cashew and green pea filling.

The bar also serves avant garde mixology-based signature cocktails & Indian-flavour-inspired cocktails crafted by Chef Saga and executed by Saha's resident mixologist, such as Mango Rosemanry Martini, Kari-Tini, Indian Mojito and a super cool-sounding Compressed Watermelon Martini with basil and black salt foam. I tried quite a few of the cocktails and I must say, they are better than the long island teas or vodka cranberry that most of us are so used to drinking.

Interested to try? 

Guess what, for the month of September, the Entertainer members are entitled to 2-for-2 Indian Tapas when a voucher is used! TWO. TWO tapas on average will cost you roughly $30, and how much did you pay for the Entertainer app with the promo code again? $19?!

Yes, you immediately get your money back AND saved another 10 bucks once you utilise this offer.

SAHA Terrace Bar 2

Saha Signature Indian Restaurant & Bar

9A Duxton Hill (2nd floor), 
Singapore 089593
Tel: +65 6223 7321

Opening Hours: 

Lunch: Mon – Sat, 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Dinner: Mon – Sat, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Terrace Bar: Mon – Sat, 5:00 pm -11:00 pm
Sunday – Closed

Now, if you are a hardcore foodie, you might have seen The Entertainer app logo at almost all the cafes and restaurants you have been to. You might be curious and wonder what kind of offers does the app have, and you are tempted to buy it, but at $95... IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?

Entertainer App Logo

This is why the one month membership is so valuable to you. It offers you a peek to the HUGE number of discounts available in this money-saving-app. There are over 250+ outlets of dining, attractions and spas discount waiting for you to utilise once you are a member of the Entertainer. Some dining outlets include:

T.G.I.Friday Discount

Lolas Cafe Discount

There are even ARCADE discounts!

Timezone Discount

Of course, if you like to stay at home and "nua" for your weekends, then you will waste money on this app. However. if you like to head out every now and then for food and entertainment, this is an app that you definitely have to buy to save lots of money. Yes, they even keep track of how much money that you have saved in one of their tabs! This is a clever feature for Singaporeans.

So, if you are interested, head over to this link and quote "talkingevilbean" to enjoy the Entertainer Singapore One Month Mobile product at only SGD 19. Do remember that this discount quote will expire on October 31

If after your one month membership is up and you decided to upgrade to the full product, how ar? Well, guess what. You can simply choose to upgrade to the full product at just SGD 76 and you can continue to save even more of your hard-earned money on dining, shopping or even hotel stays!

For a full list of the participating outlets, go here and select your search results for Singapore. For other information, follow them on their Twitter @EntertainerAsia or Instagram @the_entertainer241.

Evilbean is the best, isn't it? 

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