Event: Lipton Tea - A Lipton Affair with George Young

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lipton Tea Event

I was invited to have an affair with George Young last Thursday...

Erm. A LIPTON affair hosted by George Young. Where we sip cocktails and mocktails made with Lipton tea.

Let me first gush about the invite kit! This is my first time receiving such an awesome invite kit and it BLEW MY MIND. Just look at this gorgeous baby:

Lipton Invite Kit

Lipton Invite Kit

Lipton Invite Kit

A full range of cocktail mixing tools! Oh my goddddd. Now I can host cocktail parties and be a bartender! 

This was also one of my very first event where we were chauffeured to the place with a shuttle bus. At first, I thought they were gonna sell us to some foreign country when the bus went into some really "ulu" place with lots of trees. It was almost like a scene from Crime Watch. I was about to set 999 on my speed-dial when suddenly, I saw the pretty entrance decorated with Lipton logo. PHEW.

Lipton Tea Event Entrance

The really friendly George Young greeted every single one all of us at the door with a big smile, melting everyone's heart right at the beginning.

The event venue that hosted us was SO GORGEOUS OMG. It felt like a mini-resort in some foreign country!

Sipping cocktail by the poolside

I got to enjoy a brief "tai-tai" moment when I sat at the cushion sofa and sipped my Lipton cocktail by the pretty pool. We were then ushered into the house, where we were going to learn how to make cocktails and mocktails from George Young.

George Young and Joel Fraser

Here's some stalker-ish info about George Young: He is a British raised actor and presenter who is half chinese and half greek. GREEK.. damn, how sexy is that? Beside him is Joel Fraser, a mixologist and owner of The Cufflink Club - renowned for experimenting with unique ingredients and flavours to create distinctive drinks. 

They came together and created 16 unique cocktails and mocktails recipes with a variety of Lipton tea, in which these recipes can be found in the Lipton recipe book. For this Lipton affair, we were taught 2 of George Young's signature creations - tropical Fruitea Red Crush and Maple Twist.

Jean Danker as emcee

Evilbean with Cocktail Shaker

I may be smiling in this photo, but OH GOD, when you add ice into the shaker, your hands will hurt REALLY BAD from the cold, metallic shaker. I now have new-found respect for bartenders. They haz hands that have no feeling.

And there you have it, my first ever cocktail - The Fruitea Red Crush! This was made by crushing raspberries and strawberries and mixing it with:

- 30ml Lipton Forest Fruits Tea
- 30ml Vodka
- 20ml Honey Syrup
- 20ml Fresh Lemon Juice

Lipton actually broke teabag tradition by coming up with the Lipton Pyramid tea bag which allows optimum room for infusion, liberating the best aroma, colour and taste for the tea drinker. This one tasted okay to me though, I preferred the second one which introduces maple syrup into the drink!

The second drink that was taught by George was a mocktail called Maple Twist. This was made by crushing red grapes together with:

- 60ml Lipton Yellow Label Tea
- 20ml Maple Syrup
- 25ml Fresh Lemon Juice
- 1 Dash of Plum Bitters (essence)

Look at this gif of the Evilbean skillfully straining the juices into the cup *winks.

Maple Twist Lipton Tea

After learning how to make cocktails and mocktails, we then went into another section of the house where we were served with some canapes! And that was when me and some blogger friends went into crazy-fan-mode and took photos with all the celebrities that was there:

A Lipton Affair with George Young

It was a really well-organised event where we were given the VIP-treatment from shuttle bus, to a beautiful bungalow, and even personally sheltering us one-by-one with umbrellas from the heavy rain. I definitely had lots of fun!

Giant Lipton Teabag Cushion
"More possibili-teas in every Lipton"

We received a goodie bag before we went off which contained a GIANT Lipton Teabag cushion. Well, my room is chocked full of things already so I am thinking of giving this cute cushion away. If you want this, just send me a mail using the contact form on the right (smartphone users would not be able to see this panel on the right) and I will get back to you on the delivery details! :D

The Lipton Yellow Label range and Lipton Pyramid Tea range are available at all major supermarkets and are priced from $5.85 (per box of 100 tea bags) and $4.95 (per box of 20 tea bags) respectively. Go grab them and create your own twist to tea drinking!

Thank you @LiptonSG and @Golin for the wonderful invite! Do follow their Facebook page HERE for more exclusive contests, photos and recipe ideas for your very own #liptonmomentsSG.

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