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Monday, August 11, 2014

Evilbean in a Candy
"And yet another bean is born - the Candybean!"

Aren't you bored of your own display photos on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram which are essentially just selfies and selfies? Well, take a trip down to Suntec City's new attraction - Alive Museum and stock up on your #throwback and #profilepicworthy pictures! (I had 103 #profilepicworthy photos from this trip alone whoohoo!)

Being the world's largest chain of 3D art illusions, and the largest in Singapore at about 10,000 sq ft, Alive Museum is the leader in this field, thus ensuring that you will have the best collage of memorable and quirky photos with your friends and families.

Seriously, it was damn fun. And here's my review + tips of Alive Museum Singapore.

1.  I laughed

I LOL-ed the moment I stepped into the gallery. This hilarious-short-legged girl had me laughing in tears!

"This was hilarious OMG!"

"Finally you grew some legs girl!"

"Yes, pulling out Grandpa's teeth is perfectly normal here. Everyone's queuing to pull his."

D-Cup dying wish
"You get to scribble your dying wish here and someone wanted to die with bigger boobs. Well, you better wish there are bras in Heaven"

2. I felt like a King

"Alive Museum - the only place Bruce Lee (at the bottom left) will bow for you. In other places, Bruce Lee beats you up."

3. User Friendly Pose and Photo Points + Free WiFi

Photo Point at Alive Museum
"Photo Point"

If you do not know what or how to pose, there are pose points at every art piece to let you have an idea. The designated photo points are where you should take your photos at for the best and most realistic-looking pictures. The artworks are also designed for photo-taking without the use of camera flash for the best effects, so it's as easy as point and tap!

And, if you like a particular shot so much that you want to post it immediately to your social media platform, there is actually FREE WiFi provided! FREEEEEEEEEE!

4. Unleash your Inner Desires

Erm, just watch this video:

5. Uniquely Singapore Photos

There are over 80 masterpieces in Alive Museum Singapore, of which 9 are locally themed and unique to Singapore! Being a patriotic Singaporean, I wanted to spot those 9 so badly.

Here's one where our Merlion is giving me a "chest-shower":

Chest Shower from Merlion
"That's not new-water you are spitting out right?"

Stopping Marina Bay Sands from leaking
"A patriotic citizen always try to stop MBS from leaking"

There are 7 more, which I will leave you to go discover them yourself (if not you say Evilbean spoiler)!

Also, as part of the Singapore 50 project, the museum will engage the local communities through teachers, students and Singaporeans from various walks of life to create artworks that they think define the essence of Singapore. Of these, 20 will be showcased in the museum by early 2015, bringing the total number of artworks to more than a 100! 

6. You Become Distorted

There is this interesting exhibit called "The Camera Obscura". Basically, you will sit at a place while your friend will go into a booth and draw a portrait of you using tracing paper.

The Camera Obscura

Inside the booth

And, if your partner has bad drawing skills, you might end up looking distorted:

Distorted Evilbean

And that is not the only place you will become distorted.

Distorted Evilbean again

Distorted Evilbean again 1

Distorted Evilbean again 2

7. You never knew you could have so many Expressions

From being scared:

"Actually, I really don't mind being a zombie. BITE ME LEH!"

To acting cute:

"To the girl on my left: Why the hell are you crying when it's me that is getting hit?!"

To acting hurt while doing splits:

"Even now, it still looks really painful"

And even when you are on the chopping board:

"You automatically go into dying-mode-expression when you are on this! I don't know why!"


If your boyfriend suddenly decides to bring you to Alive Museum and asks you to wear a skirt, BEWARE.

Basically in the museum, you would need to stand upside down, lie down and crawl into some objects/photoframes. Therefore, unless you want to spice up your relationship with him, you do not really want to give him a free show of your underwear if you are wearing a skirt. Besides, there is this super cool room called the "Mirror Disco Room" where the whole room is filled with mirrors! This room is the dream of every selfie's lover! 

Mirror Disco Room

You will be thoroughly exposed in this room if you wear a short skirt. Therefore, it would be best if you wear skorts and trick him instead: "SEE LOR SEE LOR INSIDE IS PANTS HAHAHA". 



10. Open up your Mind and Be Amazed!

"Batman: PLEASE. Someone just put a sushi in my mouth or something :("

There are quite a number of exhibits that made me drop my jaws in awe. Having their own dedicated R&D team, they are able to study different techniques and paints for the best quality masterpieces, further cementing their position as the leader in 3D visual illusion museum. If you are looking for an unconventional venue for your private function room, Alive Museum do have one that can host up to 60 guests for an unforgettable event! I guarantee that you will be the coolest person in the block for doing that!

I was really intrigued by almost everything during my visit. And I will continue to be intrigued by them as Alive Museum refreshes about 30% of their masterpieces every 12-18 months, with special exhibits during the various seasons such as Christmas, Chinese New Year etc. Essentially, every visit will be a brand new experience!

Before I end off, there is one big mystery that I would like you guys to solve together, and that is actually the exhibit right at the entrance on your left. No matter how we see, we couldn't see what they wanted us to see. 

Will you be able to see it?

Mystery Exhibit at Alive Museum
"Will you be able to see what they intended us to see?"

If you ask me, you would need to set aside at least 2 hours in order to fully enjoy each and every art exhibit in the gallery. Make it 3 hours if you go during their peak hours, given that you will have to wait for people to pose and take photo at each art piece. And some people.. pose... very.... long.......

After walking and posing and laughing for 2-3 hours, you must be tired and hungry. Fret not, because there is an AWESOME PROMOTION going on right now! Simply Like Alive Museum on Facebook HERE and get a FREE MEAL at Burger King Suntec (with purchase of a full-priced ticket) which is conveniently right beside Alive Museum! (Offer ends 30 September 2014) 

Also, enjoy 20% off the ticket price NOW if you book your tickets at their online booking portal here by using the promotion code: aliveopen

Where else to have an enjoyable day full of laughter, #profilepicworthy photos and a FREE MEAL with your loved ones?

Alive Museum Singapore

Suntec City Mall #03-372 (Between Towers 3 and 4).
Nearest MRT Station: Promenade (Exit C)
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm Daily (Last admission at 9pm)
Ticket Prices: $25 (Adults), $20 (Children 3-12yrs)
Thank you so much to @omyblogclub and @AliveMuseumSingapore for the invite! :D

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