5 reasons why having a backpack is essential

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Gaston Luga Backpack

Are you someone that goes out with only a wallet and handphone? Or are you that annoying person that unloads all your stuff into your friends' bag? 

Well, that explains your dwindling number of friends.

The @Evilbean is going to tell you 5 of the most practical reasons why you should own a backpack, and by the end of this list, you are going to change yourself, be a better person and start carrying a backpack when you are out with your friends.

1. Your hands will be free

Singapore lifestyle influencer - Evilbean X Gaston Luga

Instead of clutching to your wallet and handphone in one hand, your hands will finally be free to roam if you have a backpack! That clumsy friend that stumbles even on a flat road? YOU GOT THE SAVING HANDS.

Your girlfriend needs someone to hold the heavy glass door of that Chanel shop? HANDS OFF SHOPKEEPER, I GOT THIS.

Need to slap your friend for his/her absurdity? YOU GOT THE H...

Oh wait. Scratch that. 

2. You won't have to suffer from your girlfriend's nagging anymore

Let's face it, whenever you place something in her bag, you are bound to suffer some sort of nagging. 

"Am I your maid?"

"My bag is damn heavy hello!"

"Why can't you carry it yourself?"

Why suffer bro? Just get yourself a backpack.

3. You can finally be that sweet boyfriend who has everything

Wet tissues to clean that hawker table? You got it. Drizzling? Here comes an umbrella. With a backpack, your opportunities to impress increase tenfold because of the additional capacity!

Singapore lifestyle influencer - Evilbean X Gaston Luga

4. Your outfit instantly gets an upgrade

Are you that guy/girl that is always sporting the same pullover? Trying to inject some elegance to your outfit?

With a minimalistic backpack design, you will turn heads even when you have been wearing that same sweater for the 107th time. A backpack that snags nicely to your body shape would always elevate your style effortlessly.

5. No one can guess what you will be doing

This is a very important reason for those that do not like people to snoop around your business, especially for introverts like me.

Let's say, today is your gym day. Naturally, you would be taking a gym bag, which would invite questions like: "Which gym do you go to?", "What do you do at the gym?", "Why do you need to go to the gym for?!"

Or, say, you are going to go for a JB trip after work. With a classy backpack, no one would know that you would be doing that - which means no one asking you to buy chewing gums back, or buy those cheaper sanitary pads across the causeway. Yes, women travel to JB to buy pads... in cartons.

Singapore lifestyle influencer - Evilbean X Gaston Luga

Now that you are convinced to own a backpack, here are a few reasons why you should definitely get your hands on a Gaston Luga backpack NOW:

- Gaston Luga is currently running a Summer Sales where you can get a canvas tote bag with every backpack purchased (while stocks last)! More details on their website here: https://gastonluga.com/sg/

- For every Clässy Mini purchase, 1 additional flap top will be given for free!
Gaston Luga Promo code for you:
Enter "evilbean15" during checkout to get 15% off all the products on Gaston Luga! PLUS, enjoy 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU country) + FREE SHIPPING (DHL Express or Fedex). 

With the number of promotions going on right now, I would say this is the PERFECT time for you to own a Gaston Luga backpack that you have always wanted. They are also perfect as Christmas, birthday or Valentine’s day gift (additional gift packaging will be available for purchase)!

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