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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

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Just in case you haven't heard of foodpanda, it is basically a home delivery service in Singapore. I have previously written about my foodpanda experience here and I still uses them whenever I am lazy/too busy to head out. 

Well, the destiny of my belly and foodpanda is intertwined, because #EatingEvilbean is now in even more places! Yes, besides this blog, my Instagram (@evilbean) and my infant Facebook page, I am also going to be writing for Foodpanda Magazine as part of their Foodpanda Curator's Network! 

Foodpanda Curator's Network

If you hop over to http://magazine.foodpanda.sg/ now, you can see that there are already a few articles on a wide range of topics - from food (duh), to travel, to even fashion. I will be contributing to these topics as well on a periodic basis, so do keep a look out for them!

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