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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lin Rooftop Bar - Lin Hotel Tiong Bahru

There are a lot of simple pleasures in life, and one of them is to go up to a rooftop bar, order a couple of drinks and grub, and unwind to the songs and ambience. One such lovely place is right above Link Hotel in Tiong Bahru. Called Lin (林) Rooftop Bar, it overlooks the vibrant coloured shop houses and shows a clear view of the sky. 

Before dusk, the bar looks like a hidden enclave surrounded by bamboos:

Lin Rooftop Bar - Lin Hotel Tiong Bahru

Lin Rooftop Bar - Lin Hotel Tiong Bahru

But once night falls, this contemporary Asian alfresco rooftop bar transforms into a dazzling place with those pretty dangling fairy lights. 

Lin Rooftop Bar - Lin Hotel Tiong Bahru

Lin Rooftop Bar - Lin Hotel Tiong Bahru

The ambience at night here is absolutely amazing! Almost feels like you are dining under the stars! 

How can you fully enjoy a rooftop bar without some drinks? We asked for the "most-instagram-worthy" drinks and got these two:

Princess Lotus ($18)

Lin (林) Rooftop Bar - Princess Lotus

The first was Princess Lotus, a cocktail with vodka, grapefruit syrup, mint syrup, grapefruit, lime wedges and mint leaves. Unfortunately, this tasted bland for me, with the vodka overpowering the flavours of grapefruit and mint. 

Rustic Sky ($18)

Lin (林) Rooftop Bar - Rustic Sky

The second cocktail that we had was the Rustic Sky: a mix of rum, sour plum mix and lime juice. Oh, this is how you want to start your night. A good mix of sweet and sour, this drink instantly opened up my appetite for more. 

**PROMO - Happy Hour 5:00 PM - 8:00PM**

- Draught half pint beer $6 nett
- Housepour spirits (gls) $6 nett
- Housepour wines (gls) $10 nett
- All Lin Asian Cocktails $12 nett

Get off work early (because work is never ending, but your life will) and enjoy the happy hour promotion. THEY ARE A STEAL!

Stealing gif

Old Bay Spiced Fries ($9.80)

Lin (林) Rooftop Bar - Old Bay Spiced Fries

Served with their special old bay seasoning, this Old Bay Spiced Fries is your usual bar grub with a spicy twist. I wished it had more spices to it though!

Lin's <林> Dynasty ($10.80)

Lin (林) Rooftop Bar - Lin's <林> Dynasty


Lin (林) Rooftop Bar - Lin's <林> Dynasty

Lin (林) Rooftop Bar - Lin's <林> Dynasty

Tears of Joy Emoji

That has got to be one of the most satisfying bar grub I have tried. The Lin's <林> Dynasty is a tapas that consists of Luncheon meat with, get this, CHEESE CENTRE and coated in beer batter. It was sinfully heavenly.

Rusty Dusty Chick ($17.80)

Lin (林) Rooftop Bar - Rusty Dusty Chick

Rusty Dusty Chick: Roasted chicken leg with rosemary and thyme, served with roasted baby potato and carrot. Loved how tender the meat was, and the slightly charred exterior gave the chicken a nice crispy texture. The portion is also quite big, making it perfect to share with a couple of friends. 

Overall, Lin (林) Rooftop Bar is a perfect place to unwind after work, and also a good place to impress the ladies with its pretty lights. With a repertoire of top 40s, R&B, and classic chart hits in their playlist, you would often find yourself (and others) singing and moving to those familiar tunes. Coupled with their happy hour promotions and daily specials, you now know where to go to for affordable drinks with good ambience! 

NOW THANK ME. Wink emoji

Daily Specials:

Lin (林) Rooftop Bar - Daily Specials

Mondays: Tipsy Mondays – Happy Hour extended all night
Tuesdays: Tapas Tuesday – 10% off all asian tapas
Wednesdays: Wasted Wednesdays: All premium spirits by the glass at $10nett
Thursdays: Ladies Night Out: Margaritas and Daiquiris at $10nett

Food Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):

Lin Rooftop Bar - Lin Hotel Tiong Bahru

Lin (林) Rooftop Bar

50 Tiong Bahru Road Link Hotel Level 5, Rooftop 
Singapore 168733
Nearest MRT Station: Tiong Bahru/Outram Park
Tel: +65 9487 4290
Opening Hours: 

Mon - Sat: 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM
*Closed on Sundays*

Thank you Lin for hosting us and Amanda from Insurgence for the invite!

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