Melilea Annual Party 2016 - A Party with Life Lessons

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Melilea Annual Party 2016 with Singapore Lifestyle Bloggers

Melilea is a health food store that is primarily known for its range of organic products. I attended their annual New Year party, fully decked in red, a few days before the actual Chinese New Year.

Melilea Annual Party 2016

My whole body was buzzing with festive mood as almost everyone was dressed in red for the party! 

Melilea Annual Party 2016 - Singapore Bloggers Evilbean

The party started with the grand entrance of Founder Datuk Dr Alan Wong and Executive President Datuk Dr Stella Chin of MELILEA International. 

Melilea 2016 Party - Datuk Dr Alan Wong and Datuk Dr Stella Chin

The mood was livened up by these quirky dancers with their cutesy dance moves and bling-bling costumes!

Melilea 2016 Party - Dancers

Melilea 2016 Party - Dancers

After the dance performances, Datuk Dr Stella Chin took to the stage to share with us her life experience and some of the heart-wrenching stories of some of the women she had met in her mission to "transform people's life". 

MELILEA International Group of Companies - Datuk Dr Stella Chin

One of the part that really touched me was when she shared on how a particular old lady kept repeating the same words to her when Dr Stella visited her. 

Dr Stella had no idea what she was rambling on about, but the old lady was holding onto her hands tightly. It was as if the old lady has been yearning for touch, love, and someone to talk to for a long time, and that was when I felt as if there were invisible ninjas cutting onions.

Ninja cutting onions gif

It really hit home the point that parents do not want your money. They want your love and your concern. Many would think that giving their parents an allowance every month is filial piety, but is it really? 

I have seen people getting frustrated and shouting at their own parents for not being able to understand that Whatsapp function, or displaying their impatience when their fragile parents could not catch up with their walking speed with their frail knees. 

And then there are many who sent their parents to a home...

After Dr Stella Chin, Datuk Dr Alan Wong, who is the founder and Group Chairman of MELILEA International Group of Companies, took over the stage and shared with us some practical life tips.

Founder of MELILEA - Datuk Dr Alan Wong

The party was then officially started by the entrance of a super cute God of Fortune and lion dance!

Melilea Annual Party 2016 - Lion Dance

Melilea Annual Party 2016 - Lion Dance

Melilea Annual Party 2016 - Lion Dance

Melilea Annual Party 2016 - Lion Dance

Melilea Annual Party 2016 - Lion Dance

The party then ended with a hectic "lo-hei", as everyone tried to squeezed in their pair of chopsticks, in hope of tossing the "yu-sheng" for good luck. I managed to grabbed a small bunch of "yu-sheng" for a symbolic toss as well, before they were quickly devoured away by the huge crowd.

Melilea Annual Party 2016 - Lo Hei with Singapore Bloggers

Melilea Annual Party 2016 - Singapore Blogger Evilbean

The Datuks personally handed almost everyone a customised Melilea red packet with a shiny one-dollar coin. 

Melilea Annual Party 2016 - Red Packets

It was a really thoughtful gesture from them and I felt the sincerity from a company that engages heavily in corporate social responsibility. 

Here's a CNY video from Melilea, where you can see the guest appearance of that super cute God of Fortune mascot!

For more information on Melilea, visit their Facebook page at: or their website at:

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