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Friday, November 13, 2015

GP Fast Track PowerBank - Evilbean Singapore Blogger

There are a few things in life that will make you flow tears of relief:

1. When you gotta poop and a clean toilet is nearby

Gotta Poop Gif

My body is weird. I have totally no 'feel' when I am at home, but the moment I step outside, my stomach starts to rumble and my large intestines start to direct the flow to my "custom". Therefore, imagine the amount of relief when I know that there is a toilet nearby, a clean one with soothing melodies playing in the background. 

2. When your Mum walks in on you, a second after you changed tab

Reaction of Relief Gif

There are times whereby you are surfing something you wouldn't want your mum to know. 

The sense of relief, when your room door suddenly opens just after you tabbed to another page, is insurmountable. Imagine the amount of shock your mum would feel if she knows what you have been up to with those pictures and videos.

Afterall, you wouldn't want your mum to know about the birthday surprise that you have been planning for her for the past few weeks, right? Why, what else would you have been up to? Smirk Emoji

3. When your battery is low and you have a POWERBANK

If there is anything that is more hated upon than Justin Bieber, it is this flashing symbol on our phones. 

Low Battery Gif

There is nothing more horrifying than having a phone running low on battery in this era. Thankfully, we now have powerbanks that are resuscitator for our dead phones.


If you own a smartphone and always on the move, you will know the grave importance of having a portable powerbank with you. It can be daunting to make a choice, given the wide variety of powerbanks available in the market. Well, let me narrow down that list for you.

For those that are always on the go, the pocket friendly design of FN05M (5200mAh capacity) would be the perfect accompaniment for your smartphone. 

GP PowerBank FN05M

Gp Portable Powerbank Fn05m Dimensions

What I really love about this model is the portability! There are some powerbanks that are really bulky and heavy, which is extremely inconvenient to carry around.

However, at a dimension of 99(L) x 42 (W) x 23(H) mm, the FN05M from GP weighs only 155g, which is slightly lighter than an iPhone 6S Plus (172g)! I can easily slip this into my pockets without any hassle.

Pocket friendly design of FN05M - GP Fast Track

GP Fast Track PowerBank - Evilbean Singapore Blogger

Anytime my phone needs recharging, I can simply take the GP's Powerbank out from my pocket and recharge on-the-go! Just the portability and the design of this model is enough to get me sold, but there are even MORE FEATURES!

1. Safer

There have been a few incidents whereby the power bank exploded on the body of its user.

Powerbank explodes on user
"Power Bank suddenly caught fire and burnt through trousers"

This is often due to people buying cheap, low quality power banks without a good circuit design, and this is very dangerous. 

With GP's F Series powerbank, your mind can be put at ease as they have a temperature design control that will cut-off recharging if it is over-temperature. There is also safeguard from malfunctions due to short circuit. The loopback protection automatically cuts off power when a cable is plugged into input/output simultaneously.

GP's powerbank also complies with UN38.3 air transport safety standard. 

Safety is, in my opinion, one of the most important feature of a good powerbank, and GP delivers excellently in this aspect.

2. Faster

There was this time where I borrowed a powerbank from my friend as my phone was dying. It was around 4% when I plugged my phone to recharge. After an hour of charging, guess what was my battery percentage? Go on, make a mental guess.



Facepalm Gif

Fortunately, GP's F Series powerbank charges fast. The FN05M has a 2.1A output current, which allows it to charge 100% faster than other typical powerbanks that has only 1A charging current. This is an awesome feature for times when you really need your devices to have some battery!

3. Smarter

The FN05M model is loaded with smart features:

- Handy, portable anti-roll design. 

- Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and many other USB devices. 

- Intelligent power modulation automatically switches between input voltage when travelling. 

4. Longer Battery Life

With shields against over charging, over discharging, overheating and low temperature, you are ensured that your GP's PowerBank has a longer battery life. 

With all these features in mind, I am sure that you would be able to make more informed decision on your purchase of PowerBanks! 

Don't leave home without one. Don't live without one. Give your smartphone and USB devices the quality power juice that they deserve and go for GP's F Series PowerBank!

The F Series retails at $29 for the Pocket Friendly design (5,200mAh), $39 for the Flat and Sleek Design (5,000mAh) and $59 for the Flat and Sleek 10,000mAh design. Available at selected Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Newstead and Popular outlets. 

Win a GP's F Series Powerbank!

Stand a chance to win a GP's F Series Power Bank! All you have to do is to comment on feature of F Series you think is the most important on GP's Facebook Page. Contest ends on 30 November 2015. Good luck!

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