Oishii Japan 2015 - IT'S JAPANESE! IT'S OISHII!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oishii Japan 2015

ASEAN's largest dedicated showcase on Japanese food and beverage IS BACK! I fell deeply in love with Japanese food (especially their ramen and snacks) after my memorable trip to Hokkaido, Japan last year. 

At this year's Oishii Japan, over 500 new types of Japanese seasonal produce, prefecture specialties and food machinery will be showcased at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, which will be opened to public on 24 October 2015. 

Try to hold your squeals, as I pick out some of the most KAWAII Japanese food that will be in this year's trade fair! TRY NOT TO GET TOO EXCITED!

Happy Jello Gif

Sanrio Characters Ribbon Biscuit (Booth B02)

Oishii Japan 2015 - Sanrio characters ribbon biscuit

Fans of Hello Kitty and Sanrio characters, you are probably doing this right now:

Vomit Rainbows Gif

Yes. Who can resist that packaging?

More goodies from Booth B02:

Japanese Sweets (Booth B02)

Oishii Japan 2015 - Jyounamagasi Japanese Sweets

Moomin Valley Biscuit Milk/Cocoa (Booth B02)

Oishii Japan 2015 - Moomin Valley Biscuit Cocoa

Oishii Japan 2015 - Moomin Valley Biscuit Milk

Looks like I would be spending 50% of my money at this Booth B02. 

Cheese Oyatsu with Camembert (Booth E23)
Oishii Japan 2015 - Cheese Oyatsu with Camembert (Mini Cheese Snack)

WAH TOO CUTE! Cheese sticks in these pretty packaging... I have to get this.

Crab White Sauce Croquette (Booth E24)

Oishii Japan 2015 - Crab white sauce croquette

Bechamel croquette with crab meat. Look at those creamy, rich sauce OMG.

Japanese Style Marron Glace (Booth E13)

Oishii Japan 2015 - Japanese Style Marron Glace

This is a type of Japanese traditional sweet that is meant to go with tea. Can you figure out what are these? Well, these are actually CHESTNUTS. Sweetened chestnuts! You can already imagine how delicious these would be.

 Konnyaku Jelly with Collagen (Booth C02)

Oishii Japan 2015 - Konnyaku Jelly with Collagen

With collagen and dietary fiber added into these jellies, you will literally become prettier each time you eat these. HOW NOT TO BUY THEM?

Event Highlights: Shochu Tasting

Besides food, one of the highlights of this year's Oishii Japan is "Shochu". If you are unfamiliar with Shochu, it is actually one of the national spirits of Japan, and has the lowest calories among other alcohols!

Case in point: 

- 16oz frozen margarita is about 300 calories per drink
- 12oz beer is ~150 calories
- 1oz vodka is 70 calories
- 2oz Shochu is only 35 calories!

In fact, a research professor went on a "Shochu diet" and lost almost 7KG after 30 weeks! 

I was privileged to have a few swigs of Shochu at the Oishii Japan 2015 media preview, at which a handsome bartender IN TIE served us cocktails. Have you ever seen a BARTENDER IN TIE?

Oishii Japan 2015 Media Preview

Oishii Japan 2015 Media Preview

Oishii Japan 2015 - Tekkan by Ogatama Shuzo

Oishii Japan 2015 - Shochu Cocktail

At the showcase, you would also be able to have a taste of Shochu. 36 Shochu products will be available for tasting. THIRTY-SIX. 

One of my favourite Shochu was this:

Shifuku no Tousui (至福の陶醉)

Oishii Japan 2015 - Shifuku no Tousui (至福の陶醉)

Oishii Japan 2015 - Shifuku no Tousui (至福の陶醉)

The name 陶醉, which roughly means enchanted in English, immediately caught my attention. I thought it was a pretty good name for an alcohol. 

Made from barley and barley koji, this Shifuku no Tousui from Kagoshima is stored for more than five years to allow it to ripen, giving it a mellow flavour. I loved this on the rocks, as I could thoroughly enjoy the clean, smooth taste.


Oishii Japan 2015 - Tekkan by Ogatama Shuzo

Not to be mixed up with the Singlish 'tekan', this Tekkan made from sweet potato and rice koji from Kagoshima has a crispy, mild yet sharp taste. I loved this as well! Do try both of them out if you get a chance!

Event Highlights: Live Tuna-cutting Demonstration

Another highlight of the event is to be able to witness live tuna-cutting demonstration by a trained Japanese chef.

Oishii Japan 2015 - Live Tuna-cutting Demonstration

Watching a trained Japanese chef artfully break down a whole tuna is a rare experience outside of Japan. If you love sashimi, you do not want to miss this experience of seeing the chef deftly carving, filleting and slicing massive tuna flown in from Ehime Prefecture.

Event Highlights: Cooking Demonstations

There will also be seminars and tasting workshops led by industry experts and top-notch chefs such as:

- Willin Low, Wild Rocket
- Gwen Lim, Patisserie G
- Shirley Wong, Little Miss Bento (One of my favourite! Just look at her Instagram!)

With 300 exhibitors from 42 prefectures carrying over 500 new types of Japanese seasonal produce, prefecture specialties and food machinery, this is a MUST-GO event for everyone of us that loves the food and culture of Japan. 

Do learn some basic Japanese like "OISHII-DESU", "Arigatou gozaimasu" or "Kimitte hontou ni kirei dane" (You're really pretty) because you know, speaking Japanese might just get you some discounts from the vendors!

Oishii Japan 2015 - Suntec Singapore
Oishii JAPANはASEAN市場最大級の日本の食に特化した見本市です.

Oishii Japan 2015

Date & Opening Hours:

- Trade: 22-23 October 2015, 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM
- Public: 24 October 2015, 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Halls 405-406, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

- (Public) $4 per person. Free for children 12 years and below. 
Purchase your tickets at www.oishii-world.com/en

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