1 for 1 Wagyu Beef at En Grill & Bar - IT'S AMAZING!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Wagyu Beef at En Grill & Bar Discount and Offer

This post will immensely delight Entertainer members because the Evilbean brings you 2 good news!

#1 - EXCLUSIVE Entertainer App offers at En Grill & Bar:

1) One main menu item for one main menu item
2) Two tapas for two tapas
3) One assorted grilled skewer platter for one assorted grilled skewer platter

#2 - New Entertainer updates!

The app has been updated with two additional features which will improve user experience.

1) You can select offers to ping to your friends. All you need to do is tap on the paper airplane icon when you open up an offer and input the e-mail address of the friend you want to gift a voucher to. 

2) You can summon Uber to drive you to the Entertainer merchant you wish to visit, and see the rates with a single tap. This is the ultimate app to impress your date without burning a hole in your pocket. Guys, if you are not an Entertainer member, you are missing out on all the #swag and the money you can save on dining.

If this is the first time you are hearing about Entertainer, all you need to know is that this is an app that offers Buy 1 get 1 FREE on almost everything! Spas, activities, food and even hotels, this is an app that I personally recommend on purchasing.

This money-saving app retails at S$60 and is available for purchase at www.theentertainerasia.com. Quote "2015ALVIN" for a 10% discount upon checkout!

Entertainer members, there is no way you are not going to head down to En Grill & Bar after reading about all the food they have to offer to you. If you are a Wagyu lover, you are definitely in for a treat!

I was so impressed by their elegant indoor lounge when I arrived at the dining bar. It was sleekly furnished in red and the numerous candles illuminating the interior gave it a sassy touch. 

En Grill & Bar Interior

We started our meal with some Japanese cocktails & mocktails. 

Japanese Cocktails/Mocktails
 En Grill & Bar - Japanese Cocktails/Mocktails
(Cranberry Sour)

En Grill & Bar - Japanese Cocktails/Mocktails
(Left: Orange Crush, Right: Calpis Sour) 

For their cocktails, they use shochu, which is a Japanese alcohol typically made of distilled barley, sweet potatoes or rice. It has a 25% alcohol content and has a lower calorie content than most liquors. Personally, I liked their Orange Crush as the citrus was refreshing and was also stronger in flavour. 

Tako Carpaccio ($12)

En Grill & Bar - Tako Carpaccio

To me, a good appetiser just needs to do ONE thing: open up my appetite. As long as it whets up my appetite, the appetiser has done its job well. And to this Tako Carpaccio, I wish to say:

Thumbs up Man

Consisting of sliced octopus and salon roe with a drizzle of yuzu and truffle oil, the sweet and sour taste of this dish is enough to stimulate my appetite for more. The salmon roe is addictive, with the truffle oil slathering its surface. I couldn't wait for my next dish after cleaning up this plate.

Wagyu Mini Burger ($16)

En Grill & Bar - Wagyu Mini Burger

En Grill & Bar - Wagyu Mini Burger

Sliders are getting popular in many bar/restaurants. They go extremely well with beer and are easy to eat. Their cute appearances will often delight that little girl in your tummy. Plus this is WAGYU. Handground Motobu wagyu beef patty with red wine sauce. Bliss in mini-size.

Garlic Gambas ($16)

En Grill & Bar - Garlic Gambas

Another tapas from En Grill & Bar - Garlic Gambas which is pan-fried shrimp with creamy butter sauce. Get this with your 2+2 tapas from the Entertainer app. Totally worth it.

Sumiyaki Moriawase ($25)

En Grill & Bar - Sumiyaki Moriawase

Just look at that presentation of Sumiyaki Moriawase. Gorgeously arranged on top of a Japanese charcoal pot, this assorted grilled skewers will please your senses. The squid, in particular, was soft, sweet and tender, made even more saliva-inducing with that slightly grilled aroma. The wonderful combination of seafood, chicken meat and vegetables makes you want to scream out "OISHI-DESU" and other Japanese words (that you probably learnt from videos) that means pleasure.Smirk Emoji

Wagyu Yasai Stick ($24)

En Grill & Bar - Wagyu Yasai Stick

En Grill & Bar - Wagyu Yasai Stick

I had quite a high expectation for this Wagyu Yasai Stick, but honestly, this was just average with nothing to scream about.

Wagyu Suji and Foie Gras ($14.80)

En Grill & Bar - Wagyu Suji and Foie Gras

This is their braised Motubu Wagyu Beef tendon with foie gras in miso - a fusion of Western and Japanese ingredients. It was as if their foie gras was made of cotton candy, because they dissipate instantly on your tongue! However, I found this whole dish to be a tad salty to be eaten on its own. A bowl of rice would go along very well with this.

Sunny Side-Up Hamburg ($18)

En Grill & Bar - Sunny Side-Up Hamburg

The wagyu beef patty is hand grounded in this dish, so the texture is softer and more minced-meat like. Topped with a sunny side-up egg and red wine sauce, this is quite a usual dish with no big surprises. 

 Angel Hair Pasta ($18.80)

En Grill & Bar - Angel Hair Pasta

This cold angel hair pasta topped with sea urchin and salmon roe is perfect for this humid and hazy weather. The freshness of the sea urchin complemented the refreshing cool pasta very well, while the salmon roe provides a burst of oil with every bite. There was only one flaw with dish: the pasta wasn't done al dente. But this was still pretty good!

Wagyu Houba Misayaki ($28)

En Grill & Bar - Wagyu Houba Misayaki

En Grill & Bar imports Mobuto beef directly from the Yanbaru ranch in Okinawa. Only Wagyu in the marbling grade of between A4 or A5 are served here. Rich in dietary fibre, Mobutu Wagyu has a higher percentage (58%) of unsaturated fatty acids compared to the 55% in general black Japanese beef. And this is exactly where En Grill & Bar scores.

This charcoal grilled Motobu Wagyu Steak with miso on houba leaf was so tender, and the marbling was melt-in-your-mouth goodness. I was sending slices of these in my mouth as fast as I could, afraid that others at my table will finish it. YES IT WAS SO GOOD, THE SINS OF GREED AND SELFISHNESS CAME OUT OF EVILBEAN.

You gotta go and try out the texture of these. Use your 1+1 main on your Entertainer and enjoy 2 servings of this Wagyu Houba Misayaki all by yourself. 

Yuzu Cheesecake ($7.80)

En Grill & Bar - Yuzu Cheesecake

Matcha Tiramisu ($7.80)

En Grill & Bar - Matcha Tiramisu

I have been to a number of bars where their desserts were just lacklustre. I wasn't expecting much out of En Grill's desserts but WOW, they sure do exceed expectations! The Yuzu Cheesecake was light on first bite, with hints of yuzu dancing around the tip of my tongue. However, the Matcha Tiramisu was the true star among the desserts. Light, creamy green tea is sandwiched between the moist cake sponge. Add in a little bit of those azuki red beans and feel the soft textures of the green tea and the red beans giving you the perfect sweet ending to your meal. 

En Grill & Bar at River Valley Road

En Grill & Bar

207 River Valley Road, #01-59/60
Singapore 238275
Nearest MRT Station: Dhoby Ghaut/Clark Quay
Tel: +65 6732 6863
Opening Hours: 

Mon - Thu: 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM
Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holiday: 6:00 PM - 3:00 AM
Sun: 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Thank you The Entertainer and En Grill & Bar for the invite! For more information about the Entertainer, visit their Facebook page at http://facebook.com/TheEntertainerFB. You can also follow them on Instagram @EntertainerAsia and Twitter with the hashtag #the_entertainer241.

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