Movie Review - Kungfu Jungle (一个人的武林)

Monday, November 03, 2014

Kungfu Jungle (一个人的武林) Movie Poster

Remember this scene from Ip Man?

叶问 - 我要打十个

This classic line was so popular, it spawned a meme:

叶问 - 我要打十个 meme

And a super funny clip for those who plays DOTA:

Well, in this movie, Donnie Yen levels up. This time, he can hit....


Kungfu Jungle (一个人的武林) Movie Still
"WAIT WAIT WAIT. I think I just tore my pants.."

Movie Title - Kungfu Jungle (一个人的武林)

Donnie Yen Icon  + Louis Fan Icon (Yes, this is a gathering party for martial art experts in HK) 

Synopsis: The plot is really an excuse for action director Donnie Yen to showcase what he is best at: Martial art action. The storyline pits Hahou Mo (Donnie Yen) against the bad guy Fung Ya-Sau (portrayed by Wang Baoqiang). In order to get the attention of Hahou Mo, Fung kills all the kungfu experts according to this 口诀: "先练拳次练腿,后擒拿用兵器,由内而外."

Yeap, expectedly, the writing builds Donnie Yen as the ULTIMATE KUNGFU MASTER, and Fung will do anything just to have a fight with him. 

Review: The storyline in this film merely exists as a device to piece all the kungfu battles, so if you are looking for a mind-thrilling plot with suspense and twists - there aren't any. But the action scenes? DAMN. They are good, really good.

The fight scenes are well-executed, with the camera always right in the action. Every moves look painful - especially a particular scene where the arm was twisted 360 degrees with the elbow bone jutting out. Every blows to the face, every toss to the tables, every slam to the wall are perfectly captured to give you the ultimate "OUCH" feeling.

If you have seen most of Donnie Yen's movie, you would be familiar with Louis Fan.

Donnie Yen and Louis Fan are like Super Mario brothers, seriously.

This is Donnie Yen from Ip Man:

Donnie Yen in Ip Man

And this is Luigi, I mean Louis Fan from Ip Man, mimicking Donnie's pose:

Louis Fan in Ip Man

And of course they were together again in Ip Man 2:

Ip Man 2 Louis Fan and Donnie Yen
(Pardon the low-quality screencap)

They were back together in the same movie again in The Monkey King:

Donnie Yen in Monkey King

Louis Fan in Monkey King

And this time, Louis Fan is back again in Kungfu Jungle:

Louis Fan in Kungfu Jungle

Unfortunately, he dies brutally in this movie because of a mistake by Donnie Yen. HOW CAN YOU MAKE THIS KIND OF MISTAKE to your own super mario brother Donnie!

In any case, Donnie Yen, who is 51, still shows finesse in his fight scenes. The final fight between him and Wang Baoqiang on the expressway adds another level of unpredictability and excitement as huge trucks and cars zoom pass them while they kill each other. 

Also, as the action director, he demands a lot out of the actors. Every move should be quick and impactful, and this translates to an exhilarating kungfu action for all of us. Watch how demanding he is in this behind-the-scenes video:

All in all, this film is exactly what the film title says it is: Kungfu Jumble - a collection of deadly Kungfu fighting scenes. Ignore the flimsy plot and you will be delighted immensely.


Stay back for: The tribute video that showcases all the martial art guest stars in this film! Try to spot Jackie Chan!  

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


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