Movie Review - Haemoo (海雾)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Haemoo Movie Poster

No, this is not a Korean Titanic sequel. 

Although both of the movies are based on true stories.

Both are about disaster at sea.

Both movies have sex scenes.

ERR... despite so many similarities, Haemoo is NOT Titanic. Trust me, the plot is way more intriguing!

Haemoo Movie Stills

Movie Title - Haemoo (海雾)

 (ARE YOU READY KIDS? Aye aye cap'n!)

Synopsis: This is by far, the most riveting movie plot out of all the movies I have seen in 2014. DO NOT spoil it for yourself by reading any other movie reviews except Evilbean's. Let me just say that Haemoo is about a group of fishermen who are desperate. 

Desperate for money, desperate for sex, desperate for a turnaround of their lives. 

So when fishing is no longer a lucrative source of income for them anymore, the desperate captain decided to foray into the illegal human trafficking trade. Because illegal activities always earn you more money.

And humans always find reasons to justify their actions. In this case, these fishermen justify human trafficking as helping out the local economy as they will be able to provide cheap labour. Despite the obvious fear of getting caught, they decided to go ahead with the captain's decision after getting their hands on the down-payment money.

And then, things start to happen. Bad things.

Review: This is a movie playing out humanity's dark side. There are plenty of sex and violence scenes which occur in this voyage to the sea. This film is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

I don't know if JYJ fans are happy about this, but Park Yoo Chun has a sex scene in this movie (but tastefully done). I really admire his professionalism, as he sacrificed his idol image by putting on 10kg for the movie and looking all rugged and common. It is a big jump from his Rooftop Prince image of this:

Rooftop Price Park Yoo Chun

To this (I doubt non-JYJ fans would even be able to spot him):

Park Yoo Chun Haemoo

He plays an important character in this movie, and without spoiling too much, he is perhaps the only character that represents Moral. The other characters are epitome of lust and greed - the dark side of humanity. Everyone put up such an amazing performance, which will make you feel emotionally attached to every single character. 

You can judge how good the film is by the reactions it is able to elicit from the audience -there were numerous gasps, "ohmygod", and screams in the theatre. The riveting story plot draws you into the story, and every twists and turns draws you deeper. The excellent scores and music complemented perfectly with the haunting sea scenes. The sea fog that surrounded the ship during the last act was one of the most gripping movie scenes that the Evilbean has watched. 

This film was also submitted by South Korea for the best foreign language film category of the 87th Academy Awards 2015, which goes to show that this is a damn good film. The original and solid story plot, picturesque cinematography and amazing use of scores will make you remember the chilling nature of "海雾" (sea fog) for years to come... 

Unless you got goldfish memory.

Goldfish Memory

Stay back for: Movies with lots of water generally makes you want to pee. Thank the heavens that there are no after credits for this one!

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


Haemoo/海雾 (M18)
Exclusively showing in Golden Village (except GV Katong, GV City Square and GV Grand)
Opens on 16th October 2014

Thank you Clover Films for the amazing preview passes! Do like their Facebook page as they give out FREE movie passes from time to time!

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