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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lucy Scarlett Johansson Movie Poster

The trailer for this movie looked absolutely badass. The poster looks awesome as well. How can anyone not want to watch this? Don't we all love movies with superpowers?

Lucy Scarlett Johansson Movie Still
"The BIG Chinese characters read "Keep the place clean", while the small Chinese characters are random fruits and vegetables like "Potato". ERRRRR, I don't get the references to this scene at all."

Movie Title - Lucy

 (For a Sci-Fi genre, this movie is surprisingly not about aliens but a single human)

Synopsis: A very "suay" (Hokkien for unlucky) woman, Lucy, got to know a guy from a club. She was forced to delivery a mysterious briefcase to "Mr Jang" by her newfound boyfriend. And thus begins her series of suay, unfortunate events..

Suay #1: Her life spirals into an abyss when she was captured by the scary Korean mafia-looking Mr Jang. 

Suay #2: She was then cut open in her belly and turned into a drug mule to ship a packet of powerful drug to another place.

Suay #3: The drug packet inside her belly leaks after getting beat up by a bunch of guys.

Suay #4: The drug turns out to be something that can overdrive your brain capacity to 100%. WOW, AWESOME RIGHT? But this suay Lucy only has a few hours to live after earning this special ability.

This movie title can also be called: Suay Lucy.

Review: Despite her suayness, the abilities gained from unlocking the brain capacity power is pretty awesome. From being able to have a brain that does Google Translate on any language automatically, to being able to eavesdrop on anyone by picking at their mobile phone signals, the film's visual and CGI is sleek and stunning. The extended car chase scene from Lucy is even crazier than car movies like Need for Speed.

However, the director injected lots of video clips during the movie, probably for style and a bit of artsy feel, but I do not have that School of The Arts (SOTA) genes in me, so I couldn't appreciate those clips interspersed throughout the movie. There are instances where you might feel that you just paid money to watch a National Geographic channel, as there are quite a number of scenes on animals and wildlife. For me personally, I would have liked it if they could have shown MORE of the crazy things that Lucy can do with her unlocked powers. It's Sci-fi anyways, nothing needs to make sense. 

I liked the last part where Lucy goes through a crazy time-travelling thing to the past, the concept was really well-executed. We were treated to a reverse time-warp, from being a busy New York Times Square, to medieval times, to dinosaur times, and to a weird ET moment with Lucy the monkey. Yes, the monkey gets a longer screentime than Lucy's "boyfriend".

Lucy Scarlett Johansson Movie Monkey

I actually have mixed feelings about this movie. I like and feel "meh" about this movie AT THE SAME TIME. I have a feeling that most of you will walk out of this movie feeling the same way as well. Go watch it.

********** Spoilers Ahead *************

For those of us who have already caught Lucy, you will know that Lucy transforms into a giant computer and a thumbdrive towards the end, which in my opinion will be the BEST THUMBDRIVE EVER. If you are going down to the Comex IT Show this weekend, try asking the salesgirl: Got Lucy thumbdrive or not?

Lucy at Comex IT show

********** End of Spoilers*************

Stay back for: Quickly go find the best damn thumbdrive at Comex IT Show already, stay back for what?

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