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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow Movie Poster

It's really strange that for a Tom Cruise movie, this movie has very little fanfare or advertising. I did not even know that there is this movie that is out on the theatres this week, so I had zero expectations when I went to catch this. But, wooaahh, I walked out of the theatre super satisfied! 

Besides, the movie slogan is quite cool: "Live, Die, Repeat". Guess no one can say #YOLO to Tom Cruise, because he dies... and dies, and dies, and dies...

Edge of Tomorrow Movie Still
"When is the damn elevator gonna come?!?! PRESS SO LONG ALREADY!"

Movie Title - Edge of Tomorrow

(Except that the Aliens in this movie is not so noob-looking)

Synopsis: Major Cage (Tom Cruise) is an officer in the army who has never been in combat (there should be a prequel movie on how he managed to chao-geng all the way to officer, I want to learn also. The directors can partner with our beloved Jack Neo to film another army movie called "Ah Boys to Officer"). 

He is dropped into a combat mission and stripped off of his rank, and since he is not combat trained, he died within minutes in the battlefield. But, he discovers that he is stuck in a time-loop, relieving the same day over and over again whenever he dies. A bit like the games we play, where we can re-spawn from the checkpoint. However, he retains memory of whatever that has happened, allowing him to accurately predict certain things and also enables him to train up his combat skills, each day stronger than the last. 

Apparently, the aliens have taken over and humans are trying really hard to win against these foreign objects. If you have watched the movie, you can see that you need to have Level 1000 combat skills in order to take down just ONE soldier (they call it Mimic), and the Aliens have thousands of them. 

Edge of Tomorrow Mimics

They might look pretty normal in the picture, but just go and watch it in the movie. They way they move and kill, it's IMPOSSIBLE to kill anyone of them. Super cool.

Review: I have always been fascinated with aliens since young, and movies and films that explore the possibility of aliens invading earth or living among us, like "You Who Came from the Stars" (DO MIN JOON-SSI). Another thing that I am always interested in is the manipulation of time. Time-freezing, time rewind, time-loop and teleportation are fantastic topics that attracts my attention. And this movie has BOTH of these topics. 

The storyline captivated me totally with the time-loops and the different levels of aliens (Mimics, Alphas and Omega) having different kinds of abilities. It is a tad complicated, so it not just a mindless-popcorn movie and requires you to use a bit of brain to understand some of the concepts in the movie. The CGI effects of the Aliens are top-notch and looks really fearsome with the way they fight. The LOL moments all came from the 28358345 ways Tom Cruise dies in the movie. For example, there was this one scene where he tried to roll under an oncoming truck in order to escape from the training, but as he was not combat-trained, he got crushed to death instead and had to "reset" all over again! There are others like he did not watch out for an oncoming car and died stupidly, and many others which makes you LOL.

Even though the scenes are repeated over and over again, it is edited skillfully to show the variations of each day, resulting in a fast-paced movie which I guarantee that you will not feel that it is an almost two hours movie! The clever plot line also ensures that you will not know what is coming next, so there is A LOT of surprises and plot twists with each "new" day. Seriously, this is a damn good movie which you need to watch. It delivers everything a good boyfriend will do: surprises, action-packed, and funny. 

Stay back for: Unless you want to enjoy the air-con in the cinema, there is no reason for you to stay back for this movie.

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


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