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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Sg BusLeh App

Amidst all the unreliability of our train services, it is definitely heartening to have a bus app that is not only fast but also RELIABLE. Launched in 2015, SG BusLeh is considered one of the most innovative bus app in Singapore, pushing the boundaries of what bus apps can do for Singapore commuters.

In fact, I have been using this app for several months now, and I am still amazed by the sleek user interface (UI)!

Cool features of SG BusLeh (Download on PlayStore here: 

#1: Fast, simple and easy to use

SGBusLeh App - Singapore
SGBusLeh App - Singapore

The app starts up fast and shows you the bus timing within seconds, which is a godsend for IMPATIENT ARIES like me. It also shows you how crowded the bus is with the coloured bars, so you can plan which bus to take. You can also set your favourite bus stops so that you do not have to search for the bus stop number every time.

#2: Features 3rd arrival timing

SGBusLeh App - Singapore

Up before SG BusLeh, bus apps in Singapore only offer up to 2 bus arrival timing per bus. The 3rd arrival timing is incredibly useful for those of us who plan our bus trips from home or office. It also tells you whether the arriving buses are double deck or bendy!

#3: Bus locator (or stalk bus)

SGBusLeh App - Singapore

THIS. This is the coolest feature of SG BusLeh - STALK EXACTLY WHERE YOUR BUS IS IN REAL TIME. You have no idea how many times this feature has saved me from missing a bus! You have to download the app to experience this high-tech feature YOURSELF. 

#4: Set destination stop

SGBusLeh App - Singapore

Another life-saving feature for people like me who have no sense of direction. Before this app, I often get anxiety attacks when I travel to unfamiliar territory.





With SG BusLeh, these anxiety attacks have since dissipated. 

#5: Check EZ-link balance

SGBusLeh App - Singapore

On supported devices, you would also be able to check your EZ-link card balance using your phone! So cool la!

With so many life-saving features, there is no reason why you shouldn't download SG BusLeh. Download on PlayStore here:

SG BusLeh is developed by local mobile app development consultancy Originally US. They specialise in designing and developing Android app in Singapore. They are also considered one of the top mobile app developer in Singapore, with clientele such as insurance giant AIA, River Safari, Mediacorp, CPF and Zalora.

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