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Thursday, July 28, 2016

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I have always liked TheSmartLocal articles. Unlike some other content portals, the writeups are often funny and insightful AND I do not get the feeling that I have been "click-baited". YEAH THAT FEELING SUCKS.

Instead, I would learn a thing or two from the article - from some of the hidden spots to discover in Singapore to some of the new cafes that are worth exploring on my food-hunting/get-fat weekends.

I still remembered laughing and slapping my thigh so hard they become Taiwan sausage, while I was reading the article on the "places you can take photographs to bluff your friends that you're on vacation". The article was GENIUS! 

Screenshot Thesmartlocal

Although it was a product placement for Casio, the article was so well-written and full of ingenuity that most of us would not have minded that plug. As a blogger, it also inspired me to continue producing quality content even though it might be a "sponsored post".

And seriously, finding a new place to take #ootd in Singapore is damn tiring. You don't want to bore your 3Fs on Instagram–friends, family and followers–with the same background over and over again. Thus, the #ootd ideas on articles like "10 Super secret sides of Singapore that 95% of locals have no clue about" are godsend.

Singapore - Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

Seriously, in all my years of living in Singapore, I haven't heard of a Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree. I can already imagine the number of likes I will get for this #ootd shot, because all bloggers are superficial this way. Emoji Girl

I really want to find something negative to say about TSL, but honestly, there really is none. The ads are non-intrusive, the content is great, some of the girls are really chio and I gain +1 Intelligence stat points whenever I read their articles. What's not to love?

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