[Movie Review] Spider-men died on Captain America: Civil War

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spider Man Civil War

It is the most anticipated summer blockbuster of the year. And also one of the most mind-boggling. 

“Who is the villain in Captain America: Civil War?” 

Eight years and 12 movies since the first Marvel film (Iron Man) that kickstarted the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), this is the first time where we are not presented with a terrorist group, monsters or evil aliens. Instead, we see two of our most loved superheroes, Captain America and Iron Man, sling and hurl their words and weapons at each other.


As if this does not pain us enough, fans of the universe were also told to pick a side: #TeamCap or #TeamIronman.

Just like that crazy ex that came back to haunt you for your past decisions, Civil War is the culmination of all of the choices that have been made by these superheroes for the past eight years. The clash between Captain America and Iron Man is a fate brought about due to the implications of unilateral actions—good and bad—by the Avengers and each individual member. The film stood out in many ways, but I am just going to highlight four of them. 

Firstly, Civil War brilliantly shows us how Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have changed over the years. Through all the events that they have encountered, the good soldier that follows order because he trusts the ones in command, and the billionaire playboy that does not play by the rules, are now long gone. These characters have matured in their way of thinking and, interestingly, switched with each other their views and position as a superhero. Steve no longer trusts the government and agencies, and Tony, weighed down by his conscience (due to the events that happened in Avengers: Age of Ultron), no longer trusts himself in making judgement calls for the world. The captain that corrects people for their language is gone, and the Iron Man that went before Congress to privatize world peace is now an agent for the government. 

Secondly, the plot in Civil War is brilliantly written, serving as a strong tensile web that bounded all the bits and pieces from the past films. It is gratifying to see that continuity in this MCU, to watch the events unfold because of their actions from the past. If you have been to every film in the MCU, you would find yourself so fully immersed in the familiar characters and so emotionally invested in the story, the ending would have seem to come too soon, when in fact, you would have already sat for 147 minutes. 

Thirdly, the surprises and plot twists just keep coming at you. One of the highly anticipated surprise is of course, the appearance of the wall crawler: Spider-man.


After a slew of memes online depicting him not being in any Avengers movie, he is finally part of the MCU. What a good year this must be, with Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning the oscars and Spider-Man finally making his appearance together with the big guys.

Spiderman not in Avengers meme

Everyone was psyched and curious as to what dynamics this younger-looking Spider-Man can introduce to the team. And damn, after watching Tom Holland’s performance in Civil War, all the previous versions of Spider-Man are now dead in my heart. Previous movies have had issues balancing the youthful banter and scientific confidence, but Holland nailed the role. Just like how you would associate Chris Evans to Captain America and Ryan Reynolds to Deadpool, Tom Holland will now be associated as Peter Parker after his portrayal in Civil War. 

Lastly, the fight sequences. They are some of the finest action choreography I have seen. Instead of just shooting CGI-ed energy beams at each other, you will get a spectacle of car-chase scenes, bombs, and a lot of hand-to-hand combat that might just rival the likes of Donnie Yen. The epic battle sequence between #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan is hands-down, one of the most mind-blowing fight that has happened in superhero movies. You will remember this scene for the rest of your life. You will likely read other reviews raving about the epic fight, but trust me when I say that it is not hype. It is that good. And hilarious. Hilariously good.


Directors Anthony and Joe Russo have set the bar to almost “Asgard-level” with Captain America: Civil War. It was entertaining, the visual effects were stunning, and the performances by the actors were shining as bright as infinity stones. Definitely deserves the critical acclaim of being the best Marvel film yet. 

Movie Tip #1: Look out for “Aunt May”. 

Movie Tip #2: There is a mid-credits scene. There is no end-credits scene. 

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  1. Erm ..... i don't know if Spidey literally or figuratively died in the movie (I'm yet to watch) ..... but dude if it's the former, you should NOT be revealing such spoilers in your content/review - much less in the title of your post!!!


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