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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Monochrome Bistro - Singapore Cafes

Themed cafes are a rarity in Singapore. If you have been to cafes overseas, you would have observed that their cafes are often intricately decorated, with each cafe having their own unique ambience and personality. 

Having studied interior design, Ivan explained to us how he painstakingly DIY-ed every single piece of furniture and motifs in his cafe. What you experience when you step into Monochrome Fusion Bistro is a minimalist world of black and white. It would be hard for you not to take some photos in here! (Don't wear pink or any bright colours when you come here though, you would definitely stick out like a very, very, sore thumb)

Stick out like a sore thumb
That's the reaction you will get if you are dressed in pink in Monochrome Bistro.

Sweet Potato Sticks ($7)

Monochrome Bistro - Sweet Potato Sticks

This was really good! As cliche as this sounds, the fries are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I liked how the aroma of sweet potato spreads in my mouth with little bits of salt accentuating the sweetness. 

Smokin' Truffle Fries ($13)

Monochrome Bistro - Smokin' Truffle Fries

Smokin'? Yes. These fries came hot, and were still hot even after all of us took like 4389579345 minutes to take a picture of this. The truffle taste wasn't very strong, but I found them still pretty satisfying. 

Threesome? Wing It ($16)

Monochrome Bistro - Threesome? Wing It

"Can I have a threesome?" Heh emoticon

I like how tongue-in-cheek their items are named. This threesome is an orgy of honey oat wings, chilli crab wings and their house wings all in a basket. Out of all the three, I loved their house wings the most! Spicy, crispy and moist, they sure know how to do their chickens right.

Monochrome Aglio Olio ($19)

Monochrome Bistro - Monochrome Aglio Olio

Sticking to their black and white theme, this is their Monochrome Aglio Olio served with grilled prawns. The interesting mix of squid ink and normal spaghetti on a giant big black plate makes this very photo-worthy. With ingredients like mushrooms, garlic, prawns, (and I think olive oil?), this pasta is bound to be flavourful with every mouthful. 

It is a good idea to share this plate of aglio olio with someone else because the portion is HUGE. 

Chilli Crab Linguini ($22)

Monochrome Bistro - Chilli Crab Linguini

One of the dish that some of us couldn't stop raving about. A slurp of this spicy linguini stir-fried with crab meat and chilli, served with deep-fried soft shell crab, will result in an instant comment of "Ooooohhh" and "Mmmmmm". The spiciness were just right for this dish and the soft-shell crab balanced out the slight saltiness of the chilli crab sauce. 

One user on tripadvisor even go as far as saying this will "wet your pants". I know there are some weird fetish out there, but wow. Smirk emoji

Butter Curry Waffle ($16)

I was surprised to find waffles as their main on the menu. I just had to try how butter-curry taste like. Served with fresh prawns and house-made curry butter sauce, this is definitely one of the more interesting savoury waffle I have tried. I gave this a rating of #3evilbeans. 

Rose Lychee Cake ($8)

Monochrome Bistro - Rose Lychee Cake

The flavours for this Rose Lychee cake were refreshing, with the combination of fruity and floral fragrance. However, the cake was a tad dry and a bit too sweet for my liking.

Sticky Date Pudding ($9)

Monochrome Bistro - Sticky Date Pudding

I thought this was quite disappointing. The sticky date pudding tasted very average for me and I didn't really like the ice-cream. There are numerous other online reviews that says otherwise, which goes to show that taste is very subjective. If you like sticky date pudding, you might want to give this a try!

And of course, you shouldn't leave the cafe without having a little photoshoot session with their interior.

Monochrome - Evilbean Singapore blogger

Monochrome - Evilbean Singapore blogger
With Tricia, who blogs at

Evilbean, with fellow TIN bloggers Tricia and Vivian
Evilbean, with fellow TIN bloggers Tricia and Vivian

Evilbean Joey with Shaun and Dennis
A shot with Shaun ( and Dennis

Singapore Cafe - Monochrome Bistro

Monochrome Fusion Bistro

291 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058836
Nearest MRT Station: Chinatown
Tel: +65 6221 1798
Opening Hours: 

Mon - Sun: 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Monochrome Bistro X The Influencer Network Bloggers

Thank you The Influencer Network for organising and Monochrome Bistro for hosting us!

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