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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Domino's Pizza Party at Kovan

If I have to state 3 reasons why Domino's Pizza is my favourite, they would be:

1. They deliver fast. When you are hungry, you just want your food to TELEPORT TO YOU RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. Ain't nobody got time to wait for an hour.

2. The Classic Hand Tossed Crust + Hawaiian Paradise/Prawn Sensation combination is just so satisfying!

3. They ALWAYS HAVE PROMOS, SPECIAL DEALS and CONTESTS. These guys are always there, taking care of our frail wallets. Tears Of Joy Meme

Taking-Care-Of-Our-Wallets #1 - '2 Pizzas' Deal

Domino's 2 Pizzas’ Deal - Singapore Food Delivery

This deal allows you to order 2 regular pizzas for only $22, 2 Large at $33 and 2 Xtra Large pizzas at $44, and with an additional $2, a bottle of 1.5L Coca-Cola! Pizza and Coke is simply one of the best non-alcoholic combination!

And of course, the best above-18 combination would be:

Pizza and Beer Brofist

For those who have never heard of Domino's Pizza (!!), there are a total of 5 pizza crusts that you can choose from: Classic Hand-Tossed, New York Crust, Crunchy Thin Crust, Cheese Burst* Crust. My personal favourite is still the classic hand tossed - this crust is chewy and fluffy, and you can literally taste how fresh the dough is. There are also 6 signature pizza sauces that you can choose from, ranging from Domino’s signature sauce, Sweet & Spicy, Top Secret, Smoky BBQ , Napolitana and Pesto Passion sauce. All these choices will ensure that you get to have pizzas that are customised to your taste!

*Surcharge applies for Cheese Burst, Cheesy Crust, Classics, First Class pizza, First Class Flatbread & Cheese sauce upgrade.

Taking-Care-Of-Our-Wallets #2 - Express Lunch Deal

Domino's Express Lunch Deal - Singapore Food Delivery

For $5.50, you can now enjoy Domino's Pizza Express Lunch deal which consists of a personal pizza and 1 soft drink. The usual price would set you back by $13.60, but at $5.50, this is the average cost of a lunch even at a hawker centre! 

Bored of the normal pizzas? With an additional $1, you can swap the pizza to Domino's Golden Chicken. 

But what is Domino's Golden Chicken?

Instead of the usual pizza dough covered with pizza toppings, Domino's Golden Chicken is a combination of chicken tenders (baked to golden perfection) topped with pizza toppings. Choose this option if you are a meat lover or you prefer to swap carbs with protein. There are 4 selections to choose from: Golden Mediterranean Chicken, Golden Italiano Chicken, Golden Outback Chicken and Golden Mexican Chicken. Confused or spoilt for choices? Let the Evilbean give you an overview then:

GOLDEN Mediterranean Chicken
(Think: Plants, Herbs based)
- covered in Napolitana sauce

GOLDEN Outback Chicken
(Think: Desert or erm.. Roasted/BBQ)
- covered with BBQ sauce

GOLDEN Italiano Chicken
(Think: Pesto…Tomatoes)
- covered in pesto sauce

GOLDEN Mexican Chicken
(Think: Salsa and Olives)
- covered in salsa sauce

*the above offer is valid for dine in and takeaway only.

And now, the Pizza party that we had over at Domino's Kovan outlet: 

Alfredo Prawn

Domino's Pizza - Alfredo Prawn

This is also one of my favourite! Onion, Red Pepper, Pineapple, Prawns and Mozzarella Cheese on Top Secret Sauce, this Alfredo Prawn is a nice refreshing mix of cheese, peppers and fruity pineapples!


Domino's Pizza - Meatasaurus

Beef pepperoni, ground beef and fresh mushrooms on smoky blended BBQ sauce makes up this Meatasaurus Pizza. You know it is just gonna satisfy your inner meat monster with that name!

Ultimate Hawaiian

Domino's Pizza - Ultimate Hawaiian

The Domino's Ultimate Hawaiian is a mix of: Roasted chicken, shredded chicken, juicy pineapples and fresh mushrooms! Yes, it's "ultimate" because the quantity of chickens they put in here is ultimate Fear Emoji .

Parmagiana Chicken

Domino's Pizza - Parmagiana Chicken
Credits: The Influencer Network

Cherry Tomatoes, Ripe Olives, Roasted Chicken, Parmesan Cheese and Mozzarella Cheese on Napolitana sauce are what goes into this Parmagiana Chicken! I really couldn't eat any more beyond this point. 

But out comes this and I couldn't resist but to eat again:

Golden Mediterranean Chicken

Domino's Pizza - Golden Chicken

As the Evilbean has mentioned earlier, these Golden Chickens are made of chicken tenders, meaning it is..... tender. It's a very addictive side dish, and you will just keep popping one after another into your mouth. You are warned.

Napolitana Baked Meatballs 
Domino's Pizza - Napolitana Baked Meatballs

My favourite balls! Soaked in cheese and Napolitana sauce, these firm, bouncy balls are my must-order whenever I eat Domino's!

We really feasted ourselves at the party! Just look at the amount of fats that we gained on our cheeks:

Domino's Pizza Party - Group Photo

Any party with pizzas, coke and fun people would always be awesome! 

Thank you The Influencer Network and Domino's Pizza for the invite. For more information on menu, online promotions and delivery coverage areas, visit or their Facebook page at

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