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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chef Movie Poster

As a food and movies blogger, how can I not catch a movie about food right?  Also, according to Golden Village, this movie was so good that they brought it back to screen again. With reviews like "food porn at its best", how can I not watch this (food)porn that has Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr?! *_* 

Movie Title - Chef

+Comedy (I get to use food icons whoohoo! Yes, this movie is a Food + Comedy)

Ingredients: This movie has a ridiculously simple plot. A chef stands up for what he believes in and gets fired from the restaurant. The food truck idea that was buried deep inside his heart suddenly becomes a viable thing when he is at his lowest point.

Review: There are no plot twists, no betrayals, no accidents, no deaths in this movie. This is a feel-good movie where you can expect a safe, bump-less ride, just like the roller-coasters in Disneyland. Although this is a safe ride, "Chef" is akin to sitting in a Ferris wheel or a cable car, while you revel in the beautiful sights and sounds from this film. The rich, sizzling colours of the food being prepared will send your stomach into rumbling mode. 

Toss in some father-son bonding moments and some lessons about pursuing your passion, and you get a wonderful movie that is sure to make you laugh and tug at your heart strings. The ever-so-charming-Ironman steals the scene as everyone squirms in delight at his appearance. The Evilbean wonders how Robert Downey Jr always manages to be so egoistic on film and many would still gush for him.

Robert Downey Jr in Chef

The little kid that plays Chef Casper's son was also delightful. And Casper's Ex-wife (Sofia Vergara) is just so smoking hot you would want to grill your chicken on her body. A really refreshing change from intense plots and heavy CGI which all of us have gotten used to. 

Stay back for: You would be super hungry after watching this movie. Even if there is an after-credits scene, I bet you would be rushing off to grab some FOOOD right?

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


In any case, I am super excited for this film that is going to come out SOON:


Are you ready for a little scary child hiding in your blankets, and a long hair woman making weird strange noises when she crawls? I AM. Yes, it's Ju-On 3.

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