Five Interesting Christmas Snacks for your Christmas Party!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

There are reasons why almost everyone loves Christmas - friends and families enjoying themselves beside the painstakingly-decorated-Christmas-tree-with-pretty-lights in their houses, snow, candles and FOOD. YES, CHRISTMAS NOMS NOMS that are so wonderful. With just less than 6 days to Christmas, have you gotten any wonderful treats for your Christmas party?

Five Interesting Christmas Snacks for your Christmas Party!

1. Lindt Chocolate - Lindor Snowman Truffle (Limited Edition Seasonal Flavour)

This seasonal truffle from Lindt is one word - HEAVENLY. The truffle is so rich and smooth in flavour, and at the same time not overwhelmingly sweet. They have somehow managed to achieve the perfect balance between milk and white chocolate, making every single pop in the mouth a delicious chocolate explosion! I have already finished 2 packets of these! Definitely need to stock up on these little heavens before they disappear! You can find these chocolate bags in NTUC and Cold Storage.

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2. Christmas Logcake

How can a Christmas party not have a Christmas log cake? It is like celebrating Dumpling Festival without dumplings, and Mid-Autumn without mooncakes! Ever wondered WAI I MUST EAT LOG CAKES DURING CHRISTMAS? Never? Okay, me neither HAHAHAHA. Just noms everything, don't think so much.

For me, I ordered the Christmas Log Cake from Groupon here. I chose the Chocolate Truffle flavour, because the Blackforest has too much cream, and the Espresso looks too plain - SEE ALREADY ALSO NOT JOYOUS.

I am unable to rate this since I have not gotten it yet. I am trusting that the pastry chefs in our 5-star hotel will not let us down. There is not much time left, *tick tock*, if you haven't ordered your log cakes, just order the same as me. Winks.

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??? (To be updated..)

3. Kettle's Potato Chip - Honey Dijon Flavour

This is CHIPS WITH NO GUILT - no transfat, lower in calories than traditional chips and absolutely delicious! I am talking about Kettle's potato chips! These chips are thicker in size, so they are very very crunchy. You can almost hear a heavenly choir as you hear yourself munching on these crispy chips. Plus, this flavour is very addictive because of the perfect combination of sweet honey and the spicy tanginess of Dijon mustard. You will put the chips into your mouth like you haven't eaten for days, trust me.


You can find these in big NTUC outlets and Cold Storage as well.

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4. Seaweed Chicken

Need I say more? EVERYONE loves seaweed chicken. Take a toothpick, POKE it, dip it in your favourite sauce.. and nibble. Have a slight orgasm when your awesome oven manages to make it juicy in the inside.

ALL SUPERMARKETS have seaweed chickens because they are too awesome.

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5. Eggnogs

For most of us, we must have heard of the tradition of drinking eggnogs in the western countries, but we have never really tried one ourselves. For the year 2013, LET'S #YOLO and try something special.. let's drink eggnogs.

"Time to buy pretty cups in Daiso for the Eggnogs"

I have never in my life drank eggnogs before. Apparently, eggnogs are often mixed with other liquors like brandy and whisky, and is garnished with cinnamon, nutmeg or pumpkin spice. But for me, I know what I want to garnish my eggnog with.. COCOA POWDER aka MILO.

Milk+Eggs+Liquor+Milo = ??? 

I so look forward to drinking this for this year's Christmas. Let's #YOLO together, shall we?

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??? (To be updated..)

Have you tried eggnog before?

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