Food Review: The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Singapore

Monday, April 21, 2014

I was at my FIRST EVER Nuffnang Lovin' event at The Terrace (Conrad) last Saturday. I was super excited and super anxious about the whole event. It's like meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time.. THAT KIND OF KANJIONG-NESS you know?

Nuffnang Lovin' Banner

The Terrace exterior

The Terrace sofa seats

There is something really awesome about their sofa seat and that is.. THE AMOUNT OF CUSHIONS THAT ADORNS IT. OMG just look at the amount of cushions they have! You can literally swim in them!

While waiting for the other bloggers to arrive, we went crazy with our cameras. I think I was filled with anticipation when I saw their glass displays.. LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF CHOICES THEY HAVE! 

Terrace Food Selection

Terrace Desserts Selection

I was a little peeved when I saw this though..

WHAAAT? You spell these delicious, mood-booster candied noms noms as MacaroOns? It's MACARONS. No double O. Pffft. Minus 1evilbean for this.

And then, finally, all the bloggers arrived and we waited for our first food to arrive.

T-Wrap - Succulent Chicken Shavings wrapped with Garlic Sauce, Vegetables and Wasabi ($7.50)

We started off the event with this chicken T-wrap. The chicken was dry and the wrap skin was too thick. I felt that I was just eating flour. I could only taste the wasabi sauce when I reached the middle of the wrap. I did not even finish half of it. 

Chicken Puff - $6.50

Chicken Puff

I was delighted when I saw that this chicken puff came piping hot. And I really love curry puffs so I was eager to dig my fork into it. But, it disappointed me again. The pastry and the fillings just felt very oily to me. I can use finish the whole pack of the Nivea oil blotting paper on this and there would still be oil. At this point, I was thinking to myself, "Wai like that one the food quality? Maybe later go for second round after this event.." And then something happened - a barrage of DESSERTS.

Macarons - $2.50 each

MACARONS. These are mini candied mood-boosters. The Evilbean feels that really awesome macarons are able to balance the sweetness with either sour flavours (Yuzu or Citrus), bitter flavours (Chocolate), or salty flavours (Salted caramel, seasalt). When the macarons achieve that perfect balance, you will just wrinkle your face in happiness when you pop the whole thing inside your mouth. Therefore, I am always excited when I see macarons. So excited that I tried so hard to take an artful shot of these macarons in that cute yellow box.

Alas, after trying for like 10 minutes, I gave up, because MORE DESSERTS were coming in.

Glazed Macadamia Chocolate Fondant - $7

Glazed Macadamia Chocolate Fondant

I found this to be pretty good! The outer layer tasted just like a Magnum Ice-cream. The inside? CHOCOLATE FONDANT. It is not really "fondant" like gooey, liquid chocolate you have in lava cakes. More like... magnum? Basically this is just magnum la, and we all know magnum is heavenly. And if you have noticed, they have these pieces of gold bits ON TOP. Such a classy touch. #auntiebean almost came out and I had to maintain and let the rest of the bloggers have that piece of gold :(

Chocolate Royal Hazelnut Crunch - $11

Chocolate Royal Hazelnut Crunch

THIS. THIS IS THE STAR of The Terrace. Just by looking at the price tag, you know that this is their star dessert. Given that the rest of the desserts are like $7, this piece of awesomeness cost $11. What makes this so nice is the overall texture of this dessert. The chocolate was rich and light on your taste buds at the same time. The bottom adds a layer of "biscuit-y"crunch and bite to that smooth chocolate so you can just keep eating without getting sick of it so fast. It was so good, I shamelessly ordered another for our table because ONE IS NOT ENOUGH FOR ME.

Desserts Porn

Just when we thought it was all over, the awesome, friendly staff at Conrad brought out even more food for us!

Calzone with Chicken and Mushroom - $7.50

Calzone with Chicken and Mushroom

Again, the chicken and even the mushroom were dry. It would be better if they served this with some dipping sauces so that the whole item is slightly more juicy. 

Beef with Onion Pie - $8

Beef with Onion Pie

Beef with Onion Pie fillings

I really loved the beef fillings. The beef was marinated flavourfully and went really well with the onions. I like how they did not shred it into pieces but instead, retain some of the tender, beef cube shape so it's more enjoyable to eat. The bloggers at my table were all full to the brim, including me. But the beef was so delicious I just kept digging the fillings out of the pastry pie to eat. SORRY for the messy eating!

These friendly people at Conrad can be scriptwriters. Just when you thought it's finally over, they push out even more food for you. SUPER AWESOME.

Cupcakes - Price Unknown


These are the cupcakes that are available in their teatime buffet restaurant called the Oscars. They are actually quite small in size, and the citrus one was really refreshing. I don't normally eat cupcakes but this one was not bad!

Charlie's Bottled Fresh Chilled Juice - $6

Charlie's Bottled Fresh Chilled Juice

To wash down all the food, I ordered two drinks for myself, a fruit smoothie and a latte. The fruit smoothie is really refreshing and taste pretty good, despite its unappetising dull green colour. 

Cafe Latte - $6.50

Cafe Latte

I really liked the froth - it was so smooth and creamy. The barista that whisked the milk did it really well. However, the coffee taste was light and not as aromatic as other coffees you get from some other cafes. But the froth.. really really well done.

Cafe Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


Given that this is an extension of Conrad Centennial Singapore, the prices are quite reasonable since the food prices of The Terrace are all NETT. YES NETT! #auntiebean 

They actually have a takeaway/delivery menu for office workers who might want to have some refreshments for their events or office meetings. I have uploaded the .pdf on my Google Drive here if you are interested to cater for your office!

The Terrace

Conrad Centennial Singapore
2 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038982
Phone: +65 6334 8888
Opening Hours: 
Weekdays - 7am to 8pm
Weekends - 9am to 8pm

Evilbean's last words/recommendation:
- A really good place to chill with so many cushions adoring the sofa. Also a good place to watch the numerous Lamborghini that park just outside this cafe.
- Skip the food, their desserts are the main stars. 
- MUST-ORDER: Chocolate Royal Hazelnut Crunch

Let me end off with our group shot with Nuffnang's signature pose! Thank you The Terrace @ Conrad Contennial Singapore for hosting us, and thank you Nuffnang for the event invite! 

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